Stop being afraid of anxiety!

Anxiety disorders generally refer to any kind of pathological fear. Generally, it is seen that people use anxiety and fear interchangeably. Anxiety is a disorder that involves an unpleasant mental-emotional state which usually develops from an unknown medium and fear develops from known reasons. Anxieties are not merely fears but are a kind of panic … Read more

Do You Stay Worried?

Do you stay worried? Or know anyone who stays bothered all the time, no matter how normal the situation is? If yes is the answer then you must read this post. I have a friend named Twiggy. He has been worried all his life! He wasn’t happy when got his first car (he was anxious … Read more

Understand Anxiety Disorder

What anxiety actually is? You must want to know, as it is merely foolishness to assume it a petty issue, as it has become quite major disorder of this time. So here you will come to know about anxiety, yes what anxiety actually is. So that after learning rightly about it, you can take it … Read more

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