Itching – a sign to allergy!

Allergy is the exaggerated response of our immune system. It may vary from person to person. Some develop allergies to the common household things, while some may not show any signs of allergies over a long duration.

Animals are often a reason behind allergies of several persons; people are found to show allergy from dog hairs to cat’s furry skin. Allergy can be classified under three broad categories- mild, moderate or severe.

Mild allergy can have many different causes. It must be noticed that the factors that show allergy in one person may not be the cause of allergy in the other person. Even if the different characteristics like age, height, weight, gender etc. of both these persons are same.

Mild allergies show a common representation; which is by itching. The body parts exposed to the element/item that caused allergy may get red and become swollen followed by itching and irritation in that body part, but this allergy does not last long and the body heals up quickly.

This type of allergy is most common compared to the other two types. It is also to be noted that mild allergy does not spread to other parts of the body.

Moderate allergy can spread to other body parts. The most common symptom is severe itching. The allergies that cause problems in breathing are often grouped under the moderate category of allergy.

Severe allergy is often less seen and its symptoms are those shown as life- threatening and rare when the body responds suddenly affecting the whole body. Abdominal pain and vomiting are very common symptoms. A doctor must be consulted when symptoms of allergy show up.

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