Just No More Of Ugly Fat!

You would have to focus on two aspects if you want to reduce stomach fat– one is balanced diet and the other is exercising.

Getting a flat stomach is not so easy so you would first need to be fully determined to follow the program.

We would first guide you about balancing your diet. You actually need to control your calorie intake. Plan your diet as such that your total calorie intake does not exceed your energy requirement for a day.

This could be done by replacing the refined grains by whole grains, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding foods that are made by hydrogenated oils like cookies, wafers etc.

Adding fiber to your diet would also help in reducing fat deposition in your problem area. Fibers are mainly found in the peel of fruits and vegetable, try eating them with the peels.

Now let us talk about exercising, no stomach muscle toning exercise would be effective until and unless a layer of fat is accumulated around it.

You would need to lose your overall body fat by doing cardio vascular exercises, and then combine them with resistance training with the help of resistance bands etc.

All the above tips when followed with full commitment would surely produce fabulous results and including these healthy habits in your lifestyle would make you fit, healthy and smart. Explore here more on the topic!

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