Know the symptoms of joint disorder

Arthritis, sometimes referred to as joint inflammation is a group of body joints related problems. Arthritis is a very common problem in South Asian countries and also in various other parts of the world including the USA where the patients with severe arthritis are more than 20 million.

More than 70 percent of these people are greater than 65 years of age. The problem of arthritis is growing at a rapid pace; this is very clear from the fact that nearly 45 million people are diagnosed with arthritis every year and this number is still rising.

Arthritis should be considered as comprising of around 100 joint disorders and diseases. As the latter name implies arthritis is often marked by inflammation in one or more joints, an exception to this is osteoarthritis which is most common in people aged 65 and above.

The common symptom in different forms of arthritis is pain. This pain is a result of the wear and tear of joints, which further causes inflammation that leads to an increase in pain.

Arthritis can be a result of aging. The common symptoms of various forms of arthritis include swelling of joints, joint stiffness, and sometimes ache around the joint. Muscle pain and even weight loss is noted as a symptom of some forms of arthritis

The cure to the problem of arthritis depends on what kind of arthritis the patient holds. For many forms of arthritis physical therapy is suggested; though this won’t help solve the problem but would help by not letting it increase any further (to other joints).

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