Psoriatic Arthritis: Digging Into The Facts!

Psoriasis is an exasperating ailment that plays havoc on the skin health. Forming several red patches covered by scaling tissues. Is this confidence-denting skin malady a harbinger of arthritis? The mounting number of psoriasis patients complaining about joint deformities and other types of bone discomforts tells that psoriatic arthritis isn’t a figment of imagination. With … Read more

Gouty Arthritis: Who’s The Prime Culprit?

Gouty Arthritis

Gouty arthritis puts the day to day life in disarray. It engulfs joints in periods of tenderness, stifled mobility, burning sensation and soreness. Frequent visits to a medical center will help the patients to keep abreast with the current state of their health as the disease has a bad reputation for reversion. It is quiet … Read more

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