Psoriatic Arthritis: Digging Into The Facts!

Psoriasis is an exasperating ailment that plays havoc on the skin health. Forming several red patches covered by scaling tissues. Is this confidence-denting skin malady a harbinger of arthritis?

The mounting number of psoriasis patients complaining about joint deformities and other types of bone discomforts tells that psoriatic arthritis isn’t a figment of imagination.

With one fact hard to dispute, facts are not clear on how this ailment takes hold. Whether the bone issues occur after the onset of psoriasis or before, remains under the radar of suspicion.

Since both types of cases are being tackled by doctors. They believe that psoriatic arthritis can happen after the eruption of full-blown skin issues or even before. It is a stubborn ailment and doctors have to be experimental within limits to heal the patients.

Symptomatic relief is the only alternative available as of now. No ultimate remedy for psoriatic arthritis is known. If someone has psoriasis along with joint issues like consistent puffiness, twitching pain and restricted limbic mobility, he/she should visit a nearby health facility.

The patients undergo phases when they claim that have completely recovered, but the relief is temporary more often than not. The earlier bone problems return from the back door. This hide & seek disease keeps the patients guessing about the current state of their health.

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Below are the physical disturbances that challenge the patients of psoriatic arthritis:

Hurting Feet

The condition may induce pulsating pain in the feet.

Affect On Fingers

The fingers of both feet and hand become puffy. Which is followed by restricted mobility and pain.

Spine Issues

The lower back becomes a house of troubles. It refuses to budge under the impact of pain. Just an act of simple bending to pick up glass from the table can become a herculean task. Your doctor may prescribe complete bed rest, until normal spine function is restored.

Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. Where the body slips into an over-defensive mode, issuing warning signals against the pro-body cells.

The malfunctioning of the immune signals culminates into puffiness and tenderness around the joint areas. Such immune disorders have remained a foggy mystery for the medical science.

All we can do is wait and watch until a real cure for psoriatic arthritis paints smiles on the faces of thousands across the globe.

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