Are Your Knees Issuing Warning Signals?

Knees are the focal point of a jumping jack, a free-flowing human being who wants to express the joy of living in every facet of life with spontaneously sprouting, physical gestures!

A warm hug to the beloved, reliving the golden past by participating in the children games and throwing an impromptu badminton challenge to a friendly rival!

Such an active person, who loves to burn the candle of life from both ends, suffers a major setback if some day the knees stop dancing to his/her tunes because of covert encroachment of arthritis.

The stranglehold of arthritis on the knee joint function is tormenting. Timely medical intervention can cut off the chances of further worsening of the knee health, otherwise use or artificial cartilage implants remains the sole headway for a crippled patient.

Knee arthritis symptoms spike up and subside down cyclically. A few weeks pass by symptomless and some repeat the same old tale of stiffness and pain in the knees.

The severity of knee arthritis is also related to change in the seasons, though which season is favorable or a ‘test of patience’, applies differently to different persons.

The victims of knee arthritis have a hard time climbing stairs, playing games like soccer or being a part of sports that involve bursting into sudden, short sprints.

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Possible solutions for knee arthritis:

Use Of External Support: External support such as knee caps or a stick can be used to reduce the amount of stress on the knee joints during walking and changing postures.

Special Exercises: A physiotherapist may recommend a special group of exercises to maintain the flexibility of knee joint and sustain the strength of knee muscles.

Wasting of muscles is a later stage issue associated with this disease, which can be tackled by keeping oneself physically active under the guidance of a bone specialist.

Shedding The Extra Kilos: If a person is overweight, under the impact of extra workload forced upon by extra weight the weakened joints of the knee become even more weak.

Therefore, a patient is advised a personalized workout regimen to shed the extra kilos. After reduction in the body weight, one feels immense relief from the knee pain.

Artificial Cartilage Fillers: To make up for the gradual reduction in the size of cartilage, artificial cartilage fillers can be used to restore the previous knee function. This procedure falls within the purview of specialized knee replacement surgery.

Oral Intake of Calcium: A patient can be advised to gulp down a few capsules of calcium on a regular basis to maintain the bone density.


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