Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with R

If you are looking Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with R, then you are at the right place.

Here we have made a list of Modern Hindu baby boy names starting with R. And we hope you will like the name for your newborn child from this list.

How happy every parent gets on the arrival of their newborn. Everyone’s mind gets elated with its imagination.

The whole house has a festive atmosphere. All family members, relatives and acquaintances celebrate happiness, this happiness begins in the midst of this atmosphere. Search with starting letter R names for boys.

A little time and care can be taken to find the right name for a child, but it can also be very fun. In fact, it is one of the first and largest decisions made as a new parent.

Are you looking for a name that speaks of family tradition or respects cultural tradition? Or do you want your son to have a completely unique name?

Take a look at this list to find your favorite names. And enjoy the experience of getting a name for your baby boy.

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Raj Clean, king, kingdom Boy
Rajesh Lord of kings, emperor Boy
Raghu Sharp, family of Lord Ramachandra Boy
Raghuveer A name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul Boy
Raghuraj A name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul Boy
Raghupati Shri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul Boy
Raghunath Shri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul Boy
Ram Mr. Ramchandra Boy
Rameshwar Lord Shiva, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas on the seashore in South India Boy
Rachit Design, innovation, creation, form Boy
Radhe Karna, son of Radha Boy
Radheshyam Shree krishna and radha Boy
Rakesh Lord of the night, moon, nisapati Boy
Rajdeep Best king Boy
Ramesh Lord Vishnu, the preserver protecting against any danger Boy
Ritesh Lord of truth, tradition Boy
Ranjan Pleasant, pleasing, coloring, happy mind Boy
Ravi Sun, fire, expert, Ashoka tree, son of Dhritarashtra Boy
Ravindra Lord of the sun, sun god Boy
Rohan Another name of Lord Vishnu, heaven, rising Boy
Rohit Red, blood, sun, ornament Boy
Rehan  Aromatic plant, king, sweet basil Boy
Ranveer Conqueror Boy
Rajeev Blue lotus Boy
Rahul Attachment, son of Buddha, capable, skilled Boy
Raghav Lord Rama, descendant of Raghu Boy
Raghavanand N/A Boy
Ramanuja Ram’s younger brother Boy
Ram dutt Lord Rama’s blessings, charming, supreme soul Boy
Ravish Wish love love sun Boy
Raveesh Wish love love sun Boy
Ravi Kiran Sun, sun ray Boy
Ravi Kiran Sun, sun ray Boy
Ravi Kishan Dusky, Lord Shri Krishna, Surya Boy
Rituraj King of seasons Boy
Rakshit Guarded Boy
Ratnesh Kubera lord, king of jewels Boy
Rajneesh Moon, god of night, king of gods Boy
Ratiram N/A Boy
Ratan Jewel, gem, precious stone Boy
Ratnakar Sagar, jewel of mine Boy
Randeep War heroes, modern, creative, changeable Boy
Raja Asha, King Boy
Rajdev God, Lord Boy
Ravneet Morality like the sun, the sun Boy
Ratan Prakash N/A Boy
Rateek N/A Boy
Randhir Brave, warrior, light Boy
Ranganath Lord of colors, lord of god Boy

We hope you liked one of the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With R. If you have chosen a name for your child’s name, then what is that name?

Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.

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