Neem oil is beneficial for skin and hair

Neem oil is beneficial for health, as well as its beauty benefits. You can easily enhance your beauty using neem oil. The special thing is that neem oil is easily available. Let us talk about some benefits of neem oil, after knowing that you will start using it.

Skin Beauty

Neem oil contains adequate amounts of vitamin O and fatty acids, which enhance the beauty of our skin. After bathing, mix 1 part of neem oil in 2 parts of coconut oil and apply it to the whole body. By doing this, your skin will become soft, soft, and beautiful.

Prevents Aging Marks

The antioxidants in neem oil prevent aging marks and keep your skin young. For this, you should massage the face and throat twice a week with neem oil for 10 minutes.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents found in neem help in reducing pimples. The anti-bacterial properties found in neem eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

Women who apply neem oil on their face, their eyebrows, and eyelids also become healthy.

Makeup Remover

Neem oil also cleanses open pores, so you can also use neem oil as a makeup remover.

Skin problem

If you apply neem oil on your face every night before sleeping, then you can save your skin from all kinds of problems. For this, massage the skin with neem oil and then wash the face with a face wash. By doing this regularly, your skin will be saved from all kinds of problems and will always look healthy and beautiful.

Prevent untimely white hair

Neem oil also prevents premature white hair. For this, mix neem oil in Indian gooseberry and apply it to the hair. Wash hair with shampoo in the morning. Massaging this twice a week will not make your hair white untimely.

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