Open Up To Bang Depression!

Depression, the mere word sound so lifeless! Well, this is what I think and I’m sure you’ll agree.

It’s pretty obvious that you can get out of depression if you get lively. Now the question is-What makes one lively?

Having fun, to have people who love you around you, travelling and all those things you always loved to (or wanted to) do will all together make you feel lively.

See, depression generally engulfs you when you are extremely bothered about something, or you get so busy in a particular thing that every other thing (including your living) becomes secondary. Simple conclusion is “too much involvement”.

This takes away your socialness, and gradually makes you feel lonely, which is the most favourable condition that lets depression grow to its fullest.

So what should you do then? Should you consult some grey haired guy and get some pills prescribed to get away from depression?

Why not to go for a simple way out? Yes, I just mean to say that we shouldn’t just get dependent on pills every time.

See, it’s pretty simple. Loneliness/anxiousness about something/being anti social, made you go in depression. Start doing its opposite to get back your state.

Yes, just hang out with friends, talk about your problems with the people you love and get space from the things that bother you, to get back your life! A happy life!

Do it man! It’ll work! It always works!

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