Depression In Teens!

With the consistent change in lifestyle and breakneck competition, life isn’t easy for even teenagers anymore. In the present times, struggles for teens get started right from their high school and keep on growing with their qualifications.

Let’s know how that struggle gets the shape of depression and what its symptoms are.

When we are talking about how the teen struggle gets the shape of depression, the foremost point we must know in this regard is ‘expectation’. Yes! You heard it right-‘expectation.

C’mon, we must acknowledge that each of us wants one or another thing from our kids. While few of us are ambitious about our careers, others are much bothered about our behavior and habits.

Few parents have problems with the girlfriends or the boyfriends their kids choose. These expectations drive them crazy and gradually they get sucked by depression. If you don’t want your lad to be engulfed by depression, then stop burdening him with your expectations.

The next point is a change of lifestyle. We all know that with the onset of social networking websites and the adoption of the so-called ‘ultra-modern lifestyle’, the meaning of being social has changed drastically.

Now, parents don’t communicate as much as they should, which often makes their teen kids feel lonely. And we all know that feeling lonely is the initial stage of depression.

So, stop expecting and start communicating!

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