“Picture Perfect Figure”- is it just a dream?

Each of us possesses a desire to look attractive, which isn’t really an easy deal in this hi-tech era, where you keep battling with the world and barely get time for your fitness. And your busy schedule takes you away from your dream look.

Added to it, the myth that only work-out/jogging/exercise is the only way to get rid of belly fat, fades away your desire! But this isn’t the fact!

One can stay fit even without doing all those complicated exercises. Wondering how?

Well, there’s a super healthy-foodie way to lose all that extra belly fat. I call it ‘the foodie method’!

There’re few delicious items which if you include in your diet, will exponentially increase your possibility to get picture perfect figure. Below mentioned are the details:

  • You all will be surprised to know that spicy food and chilli pepper contain a compound, ‘capsaicin’. This compound energizes your liver to burn fat. Yes, you read it right-‘burn fat’!
  • Fish is another food item, which if added to your diet, can get you a fat-less body. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which regulates the rate of burning of your body fat. Also lowers the level of ‘leptin’ (a type of hormones, whose low level boosts the burning of calories in the body).
  • Fresh fruits and vegetable are also effective tools of losing your belly fat. They contain fibres and minerals, which are hard to be processed and consumer lot of energy, which burns more calories.

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