Check your Reasons for belly fats!

Belly fat is also known by several other names like abdominal obesity or central obesity. When the fat gets collected in the lower abdominal region it is commonly termed as belly fat.

Millions of people all round the world are suffering from it. Extra fat that gets collected in any body part creates problem, but this body fat is bit prominent and often interferes with one’s look.

There are number of reasons responsible for increase in belly fat. Exact reasons aren’t figured out but generally it is found that either this accumulation of extra fat is related to one’s genes or could also be related to number of environmental factors.

In women, belly fat is often seen increasing pre or post menopause. Smoking is another big cause behind abdominal cavity.

There are certain side effects of medicines that could lead to this problem. When a person starts consuming more calories than actually needed or eliminated, then this fat starts showing off in various parts of the body.

Junk food, is another major reason leading to this disorder. Junk food basically does not only have sufficient amount of vitamins and proteins into it, but also has a large proportion of saturated fats and sugar, which leads to a bulging tummy.

Fructose is another food constituent which if consumed in large quantity can also be a reason. Therefore if one is undergoing troubles due to this fat, then the first step should be to avoid as many factors related to it as possible.

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