Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Exercising!

Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Exercising
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I don’t know about any of you, but I have always been afraid of exercising. I hated it from the bottom of my heart since always. I don’t know how all those body builder keep exercising day & nights.

Remember when I was 19 years old, I was as much as 25 pounds overweighed than the weight I should have been.

I had to tolerate lot of criticism and embarrassment due to my bulkiness, yet I never accepted my parent’s suggestion of joining a health club.

I had to lose fat without exercising! So I invented a mediocre way out of this. I named it- ‘self help’.

It was actually a set of amendments in my daily routine. Few most important amendments are as follow:

  • I started parking my car at the back of the lot.
  • Started avoiding escalators and used stairs.
  • Rather than eating my favourite extra cheese burger/chicken sandwiches, I started ordering green sandwiches. That was not a mere amendment, it was sacrifice!
  • I always used to relax on my couch and talk to my girlfriend for hours. I brought a little twist in this habit too. I started walking while talking. This was proved to be the most effective change in my habits.
  • For travelling short distance journeys, I started using my bicycle.

These were the points (along with few others) that changed my life. Now I look good. I am of just the right size and in absolutely right shape.

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