Precautions To Avoid Vaginal & Penile Yeast Infection

We talk about what is yeast infection; we also take a look at the symptoms of the disease and we discuss the treatments for it. But have you ever thought about the precautions, which may help you even before the situation worsens?

Yeah, prevention is better than cure. Keep the below-mentioned things in mind if you want to keep yourself safe and untouched from this painful, discomforting, and embarrassing disease.

If you will follow these rules, you will never ever suffer from yeast infection and if you’re already suffering from it, these will help you cure it quickly.

  1. After using the toilet, wipe the area completely. The direction of wiping does matter. Do wipe it from front to back.
  2. Do you wear tight jeans, better if you avoid them.
  3. When it comes to panties, prefer the cotton ones.
  4. Clothes made of synthetic material may increase the infection so avoid wearing them.
  5. Keep your vaginal area dry. If you’ve been in water for long, dry the area as soon as you come out and also change the under garments.
  6. Tight fitting panties may worsen the condition so wear the perfectly fitting ones only.
  7. Never never use perfumes etc. in the genital area.
  8. Eat healthy and practice safe sex.

Just above are the few points keeping in mind that can help you cure yeast infection efficiently and forever.

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