Find the solution of yeast infection at your home

Yeast infection happens when the growth of Candida albicans exceeds. These bacteria are naturally present in our body especially in the moist areas. When a patient is suffering from the yeast infection he/she must always avoid eating food that has yeast supplement into it. For instance bread, cakes, and other food products that involve huge … Read more

Prevention From Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy!

It has been seen that women often get infection in their vagina during pregnancy. Itchiness, pain, burning sensation and sometimes redness are the major signs of yeast infection during pregnancy. In many cases vaginal discharge (white or creamy) and ain during urination has also been noticed. Experts have been working to find out the reason … Read more

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection – Treat It At Home

Yeast infection is not only painful, it is kinda embarrassing as well, especially if your private area is suffering from it. This is the reason why people look for home remedies for yeast infection. If this is also the case with you then let me tell you that there are several home remedies for yeast … Read more

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