Prevention From Vaginal Infection During Pregnancy!

It has been seen that women often get infection in their vagina during pregnancy. Itchiness, pain, burning sensation and sometimes redness are the major signs of yeast infection during pregnancy. In many cases vaginal discharge (white or creamy) and ain during urination has also been noticed.

Experts have been working to find out the reason behind this, but no solid conclusions have been made so far. But there is one theory that can be surely considered in this aspect.

Efficiency of immune system is high in the initial stages of pregnancy, but it decreases in the later stages that might be the reason what causes vaginal infection.

Generally it is known that Candida albicans is the fungus that infects vagina, but during pregnancy, the infection caused may be because of any other microorganism.

Hence I won’t suggest consuming any drug for treating that infection, as it may be harmful for the foetus. So, what to do?

Well, before anything else, I’d suggest you to consult a doctor. Please don’t take any medicine other than the prescribed ones!

Rather I would suggest going for natural remedies of vaginal infection, as the possibility of any side effect is least (almost zero) with herbs. They are comparatively more effective than any medicine and cause no harm to the foetus.

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