Protect your joints from arthritis

The pain of arthritis becomes acute with the passage of time, therefore early you start better it will be. The disease can occur to a person of any age or gender.

There are many reasons responsible for the inflammation of joints. So as soon as you are diagnosed with arthritis, start with the measures we are suggesting here.

The initial step one needs to take to recover is weight management. When the bodyweight exceeds the body mass index then somewhere the effect is seen.

More bodyweight will be the pressure on the joints, especially the joints that come after the lower abdomen region. You can reduce your extra fats by proper exercise and the right diet. If the pain increases over walking then apply the alternative methods of exercise for instance yoga.

To protect the joints from further damage, one can start with the usage of cold and hot on the affected area. This can be done in the following manner. Suppose the knee joint is affected by arthritis then take a towel dipped in hot water and place it on your knee.

Keep it there for about 1 to 2 minutes then replace it with another towel soaked in ice. This kind of immediate hot and cold sensation will give relief to the patient and also cures arthritis. The same procedure is followed in physiotherapy. The damaged tissues heal and pain in the joint decreases.

Proper medication along with the above-mentioned therapies will get you an early recovery from arthritis.

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Lower your arthritis pain!

Arthritis is a Greek word that is derived from two different words ‘arthro’ meaning joint and ‘itis’ meaning inflammation. Arthritis is a joint disorder usually it is seen that arthritis basically affects the bones.

There are various kinds of arthritis, out of which more or less all of them have an effect on our body joints. A patient suffers from arthritis when our defense system gets malfunctions. WBCs have various kinds of subdivisions, when they get misguided and start attacking our own tissues then arthritis occurs.

Medication and various kinds of exercises are found helpful in curing this disease. Different kinds of arthritis follow different types of treatment. Generally, it is seen that arthritis is not one hundred percent curable but by taking effective treatment it can be prevented from spreading to other joints.

While treating arthritis with medicines the doctors take special care of the side effects that these medicines may cause to the patient, for this they make sure that the diagnosis of arthritis and its type is done carefully and correctly. The very first treatment of osteoarthritis is often acetaminophen whereas ibuprofen is recommended for inflammatory arthritis.

In arthritis the joints become stiff and body movement becomes difficult. To avoid such conditions where the patients are told to have bed rest to avoid severe arthritis physical therapy is recommended. Physical therapy has been found to be very effective in treating arthritis. There are many more treatments available for arthritis and as per the requirement, the patient can avail of any of them.

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