Unique Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names With Meaning 2022

Hello Friends! In this post, we have prepared a list of Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names. Along with this, you will also get other types of information related to these names.

NameMeaning of NameGender
MohanThe name of Lord Krishna, attractive, beautifulBoy
MurariLord Shri KrishnaBoy
MukundLord Vishnu, RatnaBoy
MaulikValuable, precious, original, ultimateBoy
MohnishLord Shri KrishnaBoy
ManasExtreme thoughts, brilliant, desire, humansBoy
ManavA human being, PearlBoy
MadhavanLord ShivaBoy
MaganAbsorbed, EngrossedBoy
MahadevLord ShivaBoy
ManoharWinning heart, charming, a name of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
MokshitFree, salvationBoy
MickeyWho is like godBoy
MilanMet, eagerBoy
Milindhoney beeBoy
MirageThe soil of the countryBoy
MiteshOne with few desiresBoy
ManishMaster of heart, God of mind, IntelligentBoy
MaheshName of lord shivaBoy
MadanPleasing, intoxicating, loving, cupidBoy
MithileshThe King of Mithila, father of Goddess SitaBoy
ManojBorn in mind loveBoy
MukeshShiva, Cupid, Lord ShivaBoy
MohitEnchanted by beauty, Attracted, CharmingBoy
MahimaGreat, famousBoy
MandeepLight of mindBoy
ManjeetThe WinnerBoy
MahavirLord Mahavir, courageousBoy
Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names 2021
MadhurSweet, MelodiousBoy
MananRepetition, ThinkingBoy
MihitOne of the names of The Sun in Indian mythologyBoy
MitanshuFriendly ElementBoy
MridulCalm, SoftBoy
MihanCloud, Best QualitiesBoy
MayureshKarthikeya – son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord of peacockBoy
ManitOne who wins heart, Highly respected, CelebratedBoy
ManjotLight of your heartBoy
MuditHappy, PleasedBoy
ManthanReflection through studyBoy
MitanshFriend, SweetBoy
MahipProtector of the earthBoy
MalharGiver of Rain, One of the Ragas, A variant form is MalharaBoy
Simha Rashi Baby Boy Names List
MadhavAnother name of Shri Krishna Ji, sweet like honeyBoy
MohanrajInteresting, attractive, Lord KrishnaBoy
ManjunathLord Shiva, CloudBoy
ManmohanLord Krishna, pleasingBoy
ManorathThe desire of the mind, DesireBoy
ManurajLord KuberaBoy
Mata PrasadN/ABoy
MarmikPractical, impressiveBoy
MarutiLord Hanuman, one of the names of HanumanBoy
MaanakHoly Spirit, affectionateBoy
MandarAnother name of Lord Ganesha, a divine tree, flowerBoy
MangeshLord Shiva, God BlessBoy
ManiramJewel of a personBoy
MaheepKing, emperorBoy

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