Unique Simha Rashi Baby Girl Names With Meaning 2022

Hello Friends! In this post, we have prepared a list of Simha Rashi Baby Girl Names. Along with this, you will also get other types of information related to these names.


Sun is the lord of Leo’s zodiac. The person born in this zodiac will have a beautiful, athletic body, broad head, well-built, attractive, and impressive personality.

Simha Rashi Baby Girl Names 2022 Full List

NameMeaning of Name
MahimaDignity, greatness, fame
MitraFriend, friend, name of a goddess
MonikaPrivacy, consultant
MadhumitaFull of honey
MansiOne name of Saraswati, blossomed flowers, heart sounds
ManjuDewdrops, beautiful, snow
MamtaMotherhood, mother’s love, affection
MadhubalaSweet girl, sweet lady
ManishaGoddess of mind, desire, desire, intelligence
MeenakshiGirl with beautiful eyes, daughter of Lord Kubera
MohiniBeautiful, attractive, a nymph, interesting
MeghnaGanges river, cloud
MadhuHoney, sweet, nectar
MeenaFish, jewel, bluestone
menuMore love, gem, precious stone
MonaDesire, solitude, desire
MayuriA female peacock
MadhuriSweetness, charming maiden
Sinh Rashi girl name with meaning
MadhaviHoney, beautiful vines, springtime
ManglaShubh, a sacred grass, a name for Durga
ManaliBeautiful birds, a bird
MallikaQueen, daughter, garland
ManoramaPleasing, charming, beautiful
MenkaA nymph, mother of Shakuntala
MadriMother of Nakula Sahadev, daughter of King Shalya
MadhupriyaSweet lover honey honey
ManitaRespected, talks with Prabhu
Simha Rashi girl
MalaNecklaces, garlands of flowers
MeenalPrecious stones, precious stones
MaithiliGoddess Sita, daughter of Janaka
MehaRain wise
MishaLike God, devotees of Lord Krishna
ManikaRuby, gem
MeherSun, love, friendship
ManjariHoly basil, blossom, a bunch of flowers
Sinh Rashi name in English
MandanaSlow, slow
MahakAroma, Fragrance, Aura
MahiRiver, friend, friend, earth, and heaven combine
ManjulaCharming, sweet, sweet
MainaA bird
MiliTo know, a meeting
MithaliFriendship, beautiful
Singh Rashi name girl 2021
MeeraA devotee of Shri Krishna, Ocean
ManviHigh-quality humanity
MahiraThe skilled, accomplished, expert
MadhulikaNectar, honey
MandiraTemples, Holy Places
ManushiGoddess Lakshmi, woman
MayaWealth, Goddess Lakshmi, Nature, Love, Compassion
MedhaIntelligence, goddess Saraswati, intelligence

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