The Hassle-Free Bicep Exercise!

Big, puffy mounds on the upper arms are a delight to ogle at both for the onlookers and the bodybuilder soaked in second-looks.

If sci-fi effects are the foundation for instilling that ‘hands to mouth’ glory to the movies, the same glory can be added to a man’s physique with rippled biceps.

The debutants to bodybuilding. Who want to grow biceps that boost their self-esteem, can employ these basic dumbbell exercises to realize their fervent wish.

Bicep Exercise No-Nonsense Dumbbell Lifts

This is a bicep exercise that can be mastered without a hiccup by the beginners. Stand upright- see that there’s no droop in the spinal column- with a dumbbell held by both fists.

Bring up the weight in right hand (palms turned forward), in a free-flowing motion. The elbow should not move as you raise the weight. It’s beneficial to limit the lift to a touching distance away from the shoulders.

If you lift the whole way up and touch the dumbbell to your shoulders. You will not be able to extract the most out of this exercise.

When the dumbbell is brought into contact with the shoulders. The arm gets an excuse to rest and the intensity of the effort is lost.

So, just lift the weight up to a point, where it remains at a touching distance away from the shoulders, and keep it at that position for the count of five and follow it with slowly lowering the arm. Thereafter, repeat the procedure with keen attention to details using other hand.

Employ The Maximum Fatigue Formula

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and exercise one arm till you feel fatigued out before testing the endurance of the idle arm. Use the above discussed technique to lift the weight with your right hand first.

Do as many repetitions as you can without any external help and then switch over to the other hand. This is a maximum fatigue workout technique that will improve the internal strength and shape of your arms.

The Sideway Raises

In this exercise, hold the weights down the length of your torso with your palms turned towards the thighs. Bring up both the weights together (fists facing outwards), this time sideways, till they are just under the shoulder height.

After each lift, hold the weights for the count of five and then slowly bring them down. Please assimilate the principle that no matter what bicep exercise with dumbbells you are into, do them without any jerks and keep the elbows still, otherwise you will be doing them incorrectly.

The Innovative Raises

For all-round shaping of arms, an all-round workout is imperative. After doing forward and sideways raises, switch over to lifts with the fists facing inward.

While doing this exercise, your hands and weights together will devise the shape of a hammer. After you are in the right position, raise weights with both hands simultaneously (palms still facing inwards) up to the point, where they are a touching distance away from the shoulders.

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