Bodybuilding Workouts for Beginners

An Ideal Launching Pad For A Wannabe Bodybuilder! Has your search about ideal bodybuilding workouts for beginners hit a deadlock?

If that’s the case, we have an ‘off the beaten track’ suggestion for you, to place you on course for becoming a gym-addict, who freaks out the weights with his sheer intensity.

Right thinking and right effort are an ideal launch pad for a wannabe bodybuilder. A month before you get enrolled at a gym.

Prepare yourself in advance for weight training. The first step is to accumulate the basic strength with free hand exercises.

Building basic strength and stamina for weight training isn’t a hard nut to crack. We’ll show you how to get in gym-ready shape with a beginner’s workout that you can do either early in the morning or in the evening. Choose the period of the day that you are most comfortable with.

Stretch the body to scrape off rust from the limbs. Move your arms clockwise for ten times before changing the direction of the movement to anticlockwise. Again repeat the whole range of arm motion for ten times.

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In the next flexibility building exercise, from a straight position bend down with your arms and try to touch the toes of your feet with the toes of your fingers. Do this slowly, in a jerk-free movement to avoid any uncalled for pressure on the spine.

Afterwards, stand straight and stretch your arms sideways. Now rotate your entire upper body along with the wide-stretched arms towards the right.

Move sideways up to the degree you can rotate your upper body with natural ease. Then repeat this movement towards the left side. Do fifteen repetitions.

While doing this exercise, keep the waist still. Carry out the movements with your torso, directed by your wide-stretched arms.

Next, put on your sports shoes and jog non-stop for fifteen minutes. Once your body is fully warmed up, move over to doing five sets of push ups with 10 repetitions each time.

Take a rest of two minutes before exerting yourself again. You can extend or reduce this interval according to your capacity.

After the push ups, find some bar or have one erected in your home (it is simple and doesn’t cost much) to do a few pull ups.

Use the normal grip (your palms facing the opposite direction) and do ten repetitions each time. If you are unable to do them by yourself, seek the help of your sibling or a friend. Who’ll hold the lower end of your legs and give you the required help as you make effort to move up.

Acclimatize your body to rest before winding up with a 10 minute jog and follow it up with the entire pre-described round of stretching exercises.

Perform this workout plan religiously for one month and take one day off day each week. Preferably the weekdays (Saturday or Sunday), as it will be easy to remember.

This pre-gym workout will prepare your body to take the pressure of weight training and achieve more muscle in a short span of time.

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