The Picture Of Menopause Settling In!

Menopause can be unsettling for women, as their body goes through a constitutional inner transformation, leading to cessation of periods, rendering a female biologically incapable of bearing a child in future! Menopause is not a stage to retire into a shell and accumulate self-pity.

Like puberty, when a women becomes fertile, radiant and bubbling with energy, menopause is a stage where a female’s body settles into rest, preparing her to take on the challenge of old age in a calm, peaceful manner, with love oozing from a higher plane.

As menopause settles in, a variety of physical and psychological experiences leave an impact. Though they can be a bit discomforting, if everything goes fine, these signs get subdued and finally leave within a short period.

However, it cannot be ignored that a women needs a tremendous amount of mental and emotional support from her partner to move over from this challenging stage to the threshold of a spanking dawn in her life: a harbinger of higher planes of womanhood and an unexplainable self-satisfaction.

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Let’s discuss the major signals of the incoming of this constitutional transformation in a female’ body in brief:

Unpredictable Periods

The frequency and rhythm of periods changes drastically. The periods may come and go without any prior warning, on days other than the due date, before subsiding to frequency of once in many months. So, if your periods have become unpredictable, it might be time to brace yourself for menopause.

Drop In Fertility Levels

Since menopause has a direct relationship with reduction in the secretion of estrogen, the women might not be able to conceive in future. This should not be cause of concern and it’s an indication of nature taking its course, which should be met with a glad acceptance.

Vaginal Discomfort

The vaginal walls contract and dryness in the surrounding tissues may be experienced. Women are advised to discuss this issue with their partner and abstain from intercourse until the vaginal discomfort is resolved. Still if one feels the urge to have sex, lubricants can be used to enhance the flexibility and softness of the vagina.

Sudden Elevation In Body Temperature

Women may experience a sudden elevation in the body temperature. The sensation may feel like ants crawling down the spine and there may be ocassional sweating as well.

Urinary Problems

Since the vaginal tissues try up and become highly sensitive, the women become more prone to urinary infections.

Some Other Symptoms

Putting on weight, hair fall, sagging of breasts and insomnia is also experienced during this phase.

However, with right medical advice, counseling and emotional support, a women can deal with menopause without slipping into uncalled for depression.

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