Menopause brings change!

Yes, menopause comes with several changes in your body. These changes are also considered as signs to identify it. In this post, we have discussed few very common changes that occur in the female body during menopause. Body weight– It has been noticed in hundreds of cases that with menopause, body weight of women changes … Read more

Find Out Clear View Of Menopause

Before moving on the road of knowing symptoms of menopause, it is quite necessary to know what menopause actually is. So here is the answer and correct phrase, which will clear everything about menopause. Basically it is a stage in the life of women when they don’t have menstrual period that too for one year. … Read more

The Picture Of Menopause Settling In!

Menopause can be unsettling for women, as their body goes through a constitutional inner transformation, leading to the cessation of periods, rendering a female biologically incapable of bearing a child in the future! Menopause is not a stage to retire into a shell and accumulate self-pity. Like puberty, when a woman becomes fertile, radiant, and … Read more

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