Menopause brings change!

Yes, menopause comes with several changes in your body. These changes are also considered as signs to identify it. In this post, we have discussed few very common changes that occur in the female body during menopause.

Body weight– It has been noticed in hundreds of cases that with menopause, body weight of women changes abruptly. Though body weight can be increased due to several reasons in females, but if increased with abruptness, it is only due to menopause.

This happens because of the hormonal imbalance, which is the result of oscillation in estrogen level. But this doesn’t only have effect on body weight, as it does also have influence on mental health as well.

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Sleeping problems– This is another commonly seen disorder than comes along menopause. Uneasy sleeping has also been concluded as the consequence of hormonal imbalance.

Hair loss– When you start losing your hair, without any specific reason, you better identify it as menopause. But with the term ‘hair loss’, I don’t just mean ‘losing it’. I do also mean thinning of hairs, weak hairs and also lifeless hairs.

Lose of focus– During menopause; you lose your stamina to concentrate.

Fatigue– You feel too tired to do anything. You increase your sleeping hours and gradually go lazy.

If you are facing any of the above mentioned change in your body then probably you are in menopause. Though there isn’t that you can do medically, yet there are certain natural remedies that can lead you a way out.

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