Tell Your Body To Lose Weight!

Taking body into utter confidence that minute the hunger strikes, its food needs will be met, renders it less prone to weight gain.

Since the body’s been communicated that there will be no dearth of food supply. It does not find any purpose in insuring unfulfilled hunger by putting up fat as a last-minute requirement.

Some experts believe that sending the message to the body that its food requirements have been pre-arranged, slims it down over time. How does this technique actually work?

Be Naturally Disciplined

Drop the habit of suppressing hunger or eating hours after hunger envelops you. When we hold up the pacification of hunger, its intensity builds up, and delayed eating tricks us into overeating.

Substitute this habit of postponed eating with on-time eating.  Be more alert towards the initial footsteps of hunger and eat your food the minute it rumbles in your stomach.

Hunger, unsuppressed and natural, will not lead to eating more than what our body needs.

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Avoid Suppression

We all have our weaknesses, some drop their weapons at the sight of chocolates, others cannot stop licking their lips at the sight of ice cream.

But we resist having them when would we like to have them and go over the top restricting ourselves from munching on our favorite delicacies, dreading weight gain.

But according to the theory of in discussion ‘natural hunger/natural eating’. We must not sit heavily on top of the weaknesses of our charged taste buds.

Some experts believe that imprisoning the taste-buds alarms then about the non-availability of food and thus the body gets into fat storage mode.

If you love to eat something, do not torture yourself mentally, have as much of it as you want, but with awareness about when the right’s time to stop eating.

This is a mind-boggling subject that can hand out a steadfast solution to how to get slim: a solution that works across individuals of diverse body and genetic types.

Drink The Food

Don’t eat like you are getting late to catch a flight. Since you have cut off all limitations on your hunger and can eat anything anytime and in any quantity. 

You simply cannot throw down food into your belly, as that will actually lead to overeating.

A crucial fragment of this theory is to feel each bite of the food in your mouth. Smell its aroma and chew it thoroughly before taking it down.

Here awareness is the key: feel the hunger first, the feel the taste of the food, the intermixing of flavors, the sweet, salty, and tangy tracks on the tongue.

Smell each bite, before it goes into the mouth and then crushes it into a semi-liquid state slowly, thoroughly.

If you are following these steps with awareness, then you will probably not eat beyond what you actually need.

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Lookout For The Stop Sign

The moment you feel your hunger has vanished. Set aside the plate and the spoon. It’s time to skip eating for now, until the next time you feel hunger knocking at your stomach.

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