Find out the signs of menopause, its important!

Menopause is a stage where a woman starts looking for relaxation in her life but the pre menopause experience is really a tough one.

These symptoms start showing up when the menopause is about to take over. It involves huge changes in one’s body. A lot many hormonal changes occur in body. These changes give birth to symptoms and here we are going to highlight them.

At the age of 40, maximum women face these symptoms. Hot flashes are the signs that majority of the women face. This is due to the change in estrogen level in body.

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Estrogen is a kind of hormone that regulates menstrual cycle and at the end its fluctuation tends to give rise to these hot flashes. They are not always seen but more than half of the women suffer from them. In some cases reverse is seen that is cold flashes are observed.

Night sweat is another common feature observed in women those who are undergoing menopause. The technical name given to night sweating is nocturnal hyperhidrosis. It is seen that during this stage while sleeping women do perspires a lot in comparison to the day time.

The biggest symptom above everything else is the onset of irregular periods. The expected date shifts and it could either stretch more than expected or cycle could get disturbed.

One can even have periods twice a month or not even once in a month. It is generally seen that short and irregular periods commences during this stage.

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