Treadmill Workouts to Lose Weight

Be Sometimes Swift Sometimes Lazy On The Treadmill!

Treadmills are a luxury for those looking to burn the excess fat within the cozy comfort of their homes. With treadmill prices taking a steep dip, almost every second household in the neighborhood exhibits this personal fitness equipment.

Treadmill should not become a rusting, decorative item. It’s a par excellence fitness solution and there’s no other better tool for doing an indoor cardiovascular workout.

Here’s how you can make your treadmill workouts to lose weight even more physically testing:

Sometimes be fast, sometimes be slow

This is a superior strategy to take your treadmill exercises to another level altogether. Change your pace at frequent, predefined intervals.

At the start, jog leisurely and as your body warm ups, increase the pace, push yourself till you really feel your lungs struggling to catch the breath.

When you reach the ‘out of breath’ limit, slow down your steps, jog again and follow it up with another strenuous sprint.

Testing your endurance level in short intervals transfers the body into a sustainable fat burning mode that lasts throughout the day, even hours after you stepped off the treadmill.

Don’t See Off The Treadmill Before You Have Earned Rest

Spend twenty to twenty five minutes on the treadmill as a minimum. Seeing off the treadmill too early is likely to flush your efforts down the drain.

As you leave the treadmill, your body should be in a moderately exhausted state. It should feel the strain of the workout.

Speed-Regulated Treadmill Workout

For Starters: Take at least three minutes to make your receptive towards more effortful sprints. Start with light jogging and follow it up with an effortful one minute sprint.

Then jog again for about one minute to buy yourself some time to catch breath before another one minute, ‘no holds barred’ run. Do this ‘sometimes slow, sometimes fast’ treadmill workout non-stop for twenty five minutes.

For Those Used To The Previous Intensity: Warm up as discussed above and then run full-on for thirty seconds before doing another ninety seconds jog. Keep switching between relaxed jogging and effortful running for at least twenty five minutes.

For The Professionals: Warm up as usual, then go for a full-on thirty second run, follow it up with a thirty second jog. Keep switching between jogging and sprinting for a span of twenty five minutes.

This workout may look easier, but I can vouch that it will test your endurance levels like anything and melt the excess flab in no time.

You’ll definitely develop a super liking for these intervals-based treadmill workouts, as they do speed-up the process of fat loss.

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