Best Running Tips and Tricks to Improve your Running

Best Running Tips and Tricks :

Except for the right shoes and hobbies for running, it is important to do exercises that provide accurate fitness.

The passion of joining Half and Full Marathon is a sign of increasing trend towards fitness. Running is the simplest and most accurate way to run it.

But running a marathon is not easy. It requires complete preparation for this.

It is necessary to exercise regularly for the shoulders, back, thigh, lower abdominal muscles and strength of the toes, so that the races may be flying.

It’s important to give a minimum of half an hour of exercise daily, so that the possibility of being hurt without interference can be enjoyed.

Also starting with ten minutes, if you start running half an hour daily, then the benefits of running slowly will start to appear. Increase time later.

Also know that the muscles and shoulders of the lower abdominal also have a large role along with feet in the running.

Those who do not exercise or start running, are stomach slightly soft.

If you try to run long enough, then stomach pain will start.

Therefore it is important to strengthen the muscles of this part. People who can plan, they can Generally these exercises will be enough

  • Lie down on the back
  • Raise the upper part of the body
  • Keeping both legs straight
  • Try to lift it together
  • Wait 30 seconds for one minute and then hinge down
  • Do it at least 2-3 times.
  • Perform this action at least 10 times without interruption.
  • Play both legs lying on the back like a paddle on a bicycle.
  • Sit straight and lift the upper part of the body and try to touch the toes with hands and then lie down. Repeat this 5 times.
Shoulder work is also important

While running, the hands move not only forward and backward, the hands remain evenly parallel to the stomach, due to which the shoulders begin to feel painful in a while. Therefore their work is also important.

  • Stand up and stop hands by bringing hands in front of the body. Hold for one and a half to two minutes and then down.
  • Likewise, lift the hands completely above the head, stop and then bring it down.
  • Take a 12 inch scale, hold it between hands. Move hands over the head and once, tilt once to the left, once to the right.

Exercise for the waist

Squats are great for this. Tilt like body sitting on the chair while keeping your body tight.

In this, the back should be straight, and the legs will bend with knees, but only after making an angle of ninety.

Keep hands on the waist or keep spreading like front.

It can also be exercised by pating the back from the wall so that the back is straight forward, it can be guessed.

Strong Thighs (Best Running Tips and Tricks)

Step up to a place by lifting the feet up to the height of the waist.

* Walk one side, the side walk. For this, step in any one way, not directly in the side. Put one foot first, then put another in its side. Do this way on both sides.

Strengthen claws and ankles

Raise your hands up, stand on the toes and pull the body upwards. Now go to this stage. This will make the muscles of the toes stronger.

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