Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy : how to stay fit at home

We do not do anything to make ourselves healthy, but if we make small changes in everyday life, then we can get good results, then be aware that lead our health and healthy life.

Nowadays, many types of powders and beverages are available in the market to maintain the health. But adopting them is not the only way to make them healthier.

But by making small changes in their daily routine, they can also be kept healthy, these changes will not only keep you fit but also keep away from many health related problems.

Feet up top down

Lie down on your back during the phone or in the free time and put your feet on the wall.

By doing so, your risk of reducing the blood vessels in the veins decreases.

This leads to blood circulation towards the brain and also to the nerves.

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Throat Care

To take care of the face, hair and hands, we take many types of remedies but take a little less attention to the throat.

Throat skin is thin and sensitive. Therefore it is very important to take care of throat.

Apply daily moisturizers to the throat like face.


Everyone knows that at least 6-8 glasses of water should be drunk in one day, but few people do it.

The biggest reason for not getting it done is forgetting to drink water.

So keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

Keep the water on the office desk, but keep a small bottle of water in the bag and car too.

Satin pillow

The fabric of the pillow is directly related to the facial roles.

If it is stiff, wrinkles can increase. Use silk or satin pillows to avoid this.

This will not spoil the face and hair.

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Do not tighten hair

Making a ponytail and tightening the hair is extremely harmful to the hair.

This habit makes hair weak and the problem of hair loss increases over time.

By pulling the hair behind, the hairline also goes behind.

Using a spiral band rather than a rubber band, which will not loose even when the hair is tied up.

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