8 Powerful Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Due to increasing dengue disease, Kiwi demand has increased a lot nowadays. Let us tell you some such Benefits of Kiwi Fruit today.

Doctors also recommend eating kiwi if the cell count in the body is low. But the consumption of kiwis rich in vitamins and minerals also helps in keeping other diseases away.

Properties of Kiwi Fruit

A 1 cup (180 g) kiwi contains 0.9 g fat with 110 calories. It also contains 5.4 mg sodium, 16% potassium, 8% carbohydrate, 20% dietary fiber, 16g natural sugar, 2.1g protein, 3% vitamin A 278% vitamin C, 6% calcium, 3% iron, 25 micrograms folic, There is also 5% vitamin B-6 and 7% magnesium.

Health Benefits of Kiwi

Beneficial in dengue

The risk of dengue is increasing significantly this season. In this case, consuming kiwi is very beneficial for you. Apart from increasing the count of platelets, it also gives strength to the body which is weakened due to dengue, which also helps in recovery from dengue. Doctors also recommend eating kiwi to dengue patients.

To Sleep Well

If you do not get enough sleep, consume kiwi. This will keep the mind calm and you will also get better sleep. Eating kiwi improves the quality of sleep by 5 to 13 percent.

For Eyes

Eating 1 kiwi daily not only brightens the light but also reduces the risk of diseases like cataracts. It is found in high amounts of vitamin C, which is beneficial for the eyes.

Keep The Heart Safe

While keeping the heart safe, consuming fiber-rich kiwis also reduces the risk of liver, stroke, cardiac arrest, and heart attack. Eating 2 to 3 kiwis daily reduces blood clotting and triglycerides.


If you are a diabetic patient, then take it without taking care. It contains natural sugar. Also, the lowering of glycemic index in kiwi does not increase blood sugar quickly. Its glycemic load is 4, which is safe for diabetes patients.

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Weight Balance

A 1 cup (180 g) kiwi contains 0.9 g fat with 110 calories, which helps in losing weight. Actually, it keeps your appetite under control, which helps you to control weight.

Constipation Problem

If you often have constipation, then Kiwi is a panacea for you. It contains enzymes that help in digesting food and improving the digestion system.

Cancer Prevention

The anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in kiwi prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body, thereby protecting you from its danger.

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