8 Wonderful Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Many people like to eat fennel after eating. This is so that the food is digested quickly and easily. Fennel is also used in cooking in the kitchen. The biggest benefits of fennel seeds are that their use can make a person’s memory stronger. So let’s know in detail about many more benefits of fennel seeds now …

Beneficial for the eyes

Eating fennel brightens the eyes. To remove eyeglasses, grind almonds, fennel, and sugar candy in equal quantity. Drink this mixture with milk every night. Your glasses number will reduce in 3 to 4 months.

Stomach Pain

If you have a stomachache, chew roasted fennel. Many stomach pain due to heat. In this case, make the fennel cold and drink it. This will calm the stomach heat and give you relief from pain.

Beneficial for Liver

Fennel is also very beneficial for the liver. Drinking ten grams of honey mixed with fennel extracts makes your liver strong.

Cholesterol Control

If you do not want your cholesterol level to increase, then eat one spoon of fennel after about 30 minutes of eating. Cholesterol will be under control.

Beneficial in Cough

People suffering from cough should drink fennel water in the morning and evening. Drinking aniseed in tea with milk does not produce gas from the tea. Fennel tea is also very useful in sore throat and burning sensation.

Bad Breath

If your mouth smells bad, chew half teaspoon aniseed three to four times a day regularly. Doing this will stop the smell of the mouth.

Irregular periods

Fennel is also very beneficial for women whose periods are irregular. If you want, take fennel after meals or in medicine. You will benefit greatly from this. Periods are regularized by eating fennel with jaggery.

Cleaning of Blood

Consuming fennel daily keeps your blood clean. Due to this, you are protected from troubles like Cold and Cough.

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