Workout that helps in balancing the brain and body

Some exercises are very effective for maintaining the health of the mind the body. Take a few minutes daily for this.

It is very important to maintain coordination and balance between body and brain. If you remain physically active, then the brain will also continue to function properly.

On the other hand, if you keep the mind active, your physical balance will also be better. These two things are proportional to each other.

Therefore, to improve the quality of life, both your body and your mind should keep working. Regular exercise helps keep the body and mind healthy. At the same time balance also improves.

Today we are telling you 4 special exercises to maintain the balance of the body:

Slow standing march

Take any support with both hands. Then slowly raise one leg up until the knee reaches the waist. Stop there for a few seconds. Then come back to normal.

Now repeat it with the other leg. Do this for a few days. Then gradually reduce the support and do this with the help of one hand. After a few days do it without support. Now increase its speed and do it like a slow static march.

What is the benefit? : This exercise is extremely beneficial for the major (core) muscles of the body and reduces the risk of heart disease.

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Squats-Brain And Body balance Exercise

For this, stand up straight and spread your legs to the width of the shoulders. Bend your knees and slowly come to the sitting posture (not sitting) until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stop for five seconds and stand up.

Do three sets of 10 squats daily and keep a two-minute gap between each set. Can gradually increase the number of squats over time.

What is the benefit? : This exercise makes the muscles of the feet strong. Also, the balance of the body is also better.

Stand on one leg

Take support from the side with both hands, as you can hold a chair or window. Raise one leg and hold for about 30 seconds. Now come back to normal and repeat this process with the other leg. Do this for a few days.

Then reduce support gradually. Take support with one hand, stand on one leg, then slowly return to normal. Gradually remove the support completely.

What is the benefit? : This increases the capacity of the lower body. Small muscles become strong. This improves the balance of the body.

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Tandem walk – Brain And Body balance Exercise

There can be no better exercise than this to balance the body. The tandem walk is an exercise in which the fingers of the previous foot touch the heel of the next foot.

Walk with one foot in front of the other, taking steps one by one as the model walks the ramp. Do this exercise in a slightly larger space, so that there are at least 10 to 15 straight steps.

What is the benefit? : This increases the coordination of the entire torso and muscles. This should form part of our exercise routine.

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