Effects of Rectal Bleeding!

Rectal bleeding is not necessarily due to hemorrhoids, there are several other reasons for it. However, hemorrhoids are the most prominent reason for rectal bleeding. This is the reason why everyone assumes bleeding as hemorrhoids.

But the experts strictly suggest everyone consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed and know if it is hemorrhoids or not, rather than becoming a doctor yourself and deciding it is hemorrhoids.

This is suggested because if you start treating yourself with hemorrhoids treatment techniques, and in case that rectal bleeding is due to any other reason, then you can be in great trouble, as it has several side effects.

If it is hemorrhoids, the doctor will tell you about its type. If the hemorrhoid is in the internal rectum, it is internal hemorrhoids, however, if it is outside the rectum, it is external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids generally don’t bleed. It is an internal hemorrhoid that does. Internal hemorrhoids are generally caused by excessively straining while the passage of stools. So, you better cut down your fiber intake, or else it may get even worse.

There is one general indication that can be used by anyone to know if it is bleeding hemorrhoids or something else. The blood is dark in color, it is hemorrhoids, otherwise, it is some other problem

If you get yourself diagnosed at the beginning of hemorrhoids. When the bleeding has recently begun, it is very easy to treat it, as compared to acknowledging it in its later stages.

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