Hemorrhoid – how bad it can be?

Have you ever imagined that what could be worse than having hemorrhoids, the answer is bleeding hemorrhoid? When the treatment is not taken on time then the situation becomes worse and the patient starts bleeding. Hemorrhoid whether internal or external needs proper care and both kinds can start releasing blood on the passage of stool. … Read more

How to cure bleeding hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoid is a painful condition. It is the swelling of veins, the ones in the anal canal. When the condition becomes severe and acute hemorrhoids become painful and bleeding. All you need to know is its treatment and cure. Hemorrhoids can be treated through various kinds of treatments. Hemorrhoids are basically of two types internal … Read more

Effects of Rectal Bleeding!

Rectal bleeding is not necessarily due to hemorrhoids, there are several other reasons for it. However, hemorrhoids are the most prominent reason for rectal bleeding. This is the reason why everyone assumes bleeding as hemorrhoids. But the experts strictly suggest everyone consult a doctor and get yourself diagnosed and know if it is hemorrhoids or … Read more

Does It Bleed During Bowel Movements?

Bleeding Hemorrhoids, If your answer is a ‘yes, you’re most probably stricken with hemorrhoids, which have reached the stage where it starts to bleed. The release of blood, either internally or externally, is the main symptom of the disease. This definitely signals that you’re afflicted with a disease, which may give deadly results if not … Read more

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