Hemorrhoid – how bad it can be?

Have you ever imagined that what could be worse than having hemorrhoids, the answer is bleeding hemorrhoid? When the treatment is not taken on time then the situation becomes worse and the patient starts bleeding.

Hemorrhoid whether internal or external needs proper care and both kinds can start releasing blood on the passage of stool. The swollen veins are like a hindrance to the passage of stool from the body.

When this happens it results in a lot of pain and uneasiness. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and therefore people start to avoid going to the toilet on a regular time. This makes the situation worse because not going to the toilet may harden the stool and once it becomes hard it can get you acute and unbearable pain.

Now the question arises of what to do in order to cure these bleeding hemorrhoids. To lessen the pain the initial step a patient should take is to use moist and soft toilet paper. You can apply the cream on the paper which a medical expert had suggested or you can apply some water to it and can make it soft.

Apart from taking precautions, a patient should also start taking a proper diet and proper exercises should be made a part of your daily routine.

Walk, run, and jog; this will make you feel better and will also improve the condition. A bleeding hemorrhoid depicts a bad condition of the disease, without any further delay the patient should consult a health expert.

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