The Tormented Psychology Of A Hemorrhoid Victim!

There are no Sundays for a victim of severe hemorrhoid bleeding! As he slips under the covers, soaking the warmth of the spongy, swingy bed mattress, but the interior is a far cry from what’s obvious to the eyes.

Even before a sweet dream comes knocking at his mind, cajoling him with the fulfillment of all the unfulfilled desires in an illusionary world, he’s woken up from the slumber by the trauma that awaits him after the breaking of the dawn.

hemorrhoid bleeding
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The toilet seat is a scary movie, full of endless pain and drops of blood. It’s an uninviting spot, but what can be done, the law of nature has to be met.

Whatever we take in is recycled into the nature; nothing is lost and nothing is gained. He, the daunted hemorrhoid victim had tried at length to stop himself from gorging on that spicy meat dish.

But it had been days since he had smelt the sweet aroma of strong spices. So he succumbed to the taste buds and slipped down the meat loaf.

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The desire was fulfilled, but inside an emergency call buzzed! What I have done? What a fool I am, I know what this means, another day of painful, bloody stools and still I went ahead! Why couldn’t I stop myself at the last minute?

The self-condemnation follows suit, but he knows there’s no point crying over spoilt milk So, he forgets and prays that the beginning of the next morning won’t be an encounter with another potty seat nightmare.

The sun is back, gleaming on the blue expanse, eating away the dark stillness of the night. There air is infected with a spirit of enthusiasm, the birds are chirping and another day of living life to the hilt is on the cards.

So, he wakes up after the much-needed caress of the sweep dreams, but there’s a dark anticipation running at the back of his mind. The nature’s call is in full-swing, he has to do the unavoidable.

He hesitatingly moves towards the toilet and the past repeats itself: the pain is beyond bearable proportions and the drops of blood mean, feeling highly fatigued throughout the day.

The anal pain lingers on and one has to be choosy about which surfaces to favor for sitting, since resting on a hard surface is almost next to impossible. So, one looks for a soft cushion to sit on.

It’s an embarrassing situation and I could state it so clearly, which I haven’t been able to do in words with my friends- this has been a forbidden subject for me- because I am sharing my story as an anonymous entity.

This is the everyday pain the hemorrhoids patients like me go through, but with enhanced awareness about this disease, I have been able to heal by body and have never felt this better.

My worst hemorrhoids symptoms are gone, and I will be more than happy to share with you the bleeding hemorrhoids treatment that saved me from constant hell. And I thank for allowing me to share my story and spreading the message of health.

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