Enhance Your Vertical Jump

To improve your performance for a sports event you require a lot of focused hard work, which should be done by doing exercises, enhancing your vertical jump is no exception.

Before starting the High Jump Training Programs you should always do some warm-up exercises, this is absolutely important as starting immediately with strenuous exercise would increase your chance of getting injured.

Follow this with the stretching exercises. Now start with doing squats with some weight. This is the easiest and effective way to build your quad muscles in both volume and strength.

Slightly increase the number of repetitions. Jumping rope is also effective in giving strength and power to the legs. The high jump also improves by strengthening your calf muscles.

Raising your toes up and down 50-100 times helps enhances your calve muscles. Doing it slowly would make it more effective.

Like every other muscle leg muscles also require rest for growing so take this exercise on alternate days. You can also do light exercises despite giving complete rest.

The best recommended High Jump Training exercise for improving the jump is the plyometric exercise that is, jump as much as you can then when you land, rest the muscles in the bent position and then jump again, and repeat this as much as you can.

Read more on how to do all the above exercises with consistency and you would definitely achieve your set target.

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