Give Yourself A Desired Shape, Gain Weight And Flaunt It

“Slim is in”. But leanness is not. Just like obesity, under weight is also a problem and believe it or not, many people who we think have a perfect body because of their extraordinarily lean figure just might not be happy with their own stature.

It is natural for some people not to gain weight irrespective of what they eat but a lot many times the problem of underweight is caused by chronic illness or eating disorders.

In order to gain weight fast, dieticians suggest that food loaded with high calories should be consumed, although that doesn’t mean unhealthy junk food is a way out.

Those calories have to be picked from wholesome food. Fatty acids like flax, tuna and salmon are forms of healthy fats. Food rich in protein like fish, lean meat, nuts, and seeds should be eaten on daily basis.

Supplement drinks and protein powders can be incorporated in- between meals. Breakfast can have whole grain toast with peanut butter; it’s a perfect weight gain breakfast.

Now coming to exercises, resistance training is what a person looking out for weight gain has to do. This includes weight lifting, which increases the muscle size. The training can be done at gym or at home with required tools.

Just like weight loss, weight gain is also expected to take its time. So be patient and don’t succumb to unhealthy measures of gaining weight, this can influence health negatively. We have more ways out for you. Scroll down.

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