Discover The Causes Of Belly Fat Before You Battle The Bulge

Before you read on how to reduce belly fat, it is more significant to know why there is extra bulge around your stomach. It is of utmost importance to know how our body works or in other words, one must know why s/he has belly fat.

Potbelly, beer belly, love handles, and belly fat- quite a lot of terms are there to name it. Just like these names, people have their own beliefs about the causes of belly fat.

For some, lack of exercises is the main cause whereas some others think that unhealthy eating is the primary reason of lower stomach fat. Certainly, these are the common reasons but there can also be other reasons as well:-

Menopause:- In women, menopause is the main cause. As it occurs, women start to store fat on tummy, thighs, hips and buttocks. This happens due to the Female Sex Hormone.

Beer- Drinking:- This seems the main cause of belly fat in men.

Stress:- This must be taken into consideration. Stress is not only the primary cause of fat around belly, it causes various other health related issues, mainly cardiovascular diseases.

Slow Metabolism:- With the passing age, metabolism slows down. Thus, we can’t burn the calories as fast as we intake them.

Improper Digestion:- Unhealthy diet and poor dietary habits result in improper digestion, which further results in fat belly.

Here, you can read the underlying causes of stomach fat and also learn the simplest and quick ways to reduce stomach fat.

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