How To Know If It Is Anxiety?

Anxiety, the feeling of consistent anxiousness is a biological disorder. Generally people don’t really acknowledge it that way and hence never try to treat it. But with gradual awareness, now people are getting more & more conscious about it.

But more than anything else, you must be aware of its identification. You must not get it confused with any other physical problem. To avoid that situation, I’ve mentioned few most prominent signs of anxiety.

However, before getting straight to the point (signs of anxiety), I must tell you one very important thing. Anxiety has been classified in several types, depending upon the nature of anxiousness. Its signs and symptoms also vary from one type to another.

In this post, we will have a look on the symptoms of anxiety of mood/emotions.

  • Being in bad mood all the time. Staying angry and impatient is also a part of it.
  • Feeling depersonalized- Feeling as if you are not a part of what is going on. In short feeling ignored.
  • Staying depressed
  • Swinging of mood
  • You stop being emotional to things, you should be. You start getting blunt.
  • You start feeling guilty of things which are absolutely right.
  • Everything starts scaring you and you stay frightened all the time.
  • You may also feel like crying without any specific reason.
  • Sometimes you may also feel as if you aren’t living. You may also feel that all what happening around you is some dream.

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