Let’s Understand What Anxiety Is

In your lifetime or in some moments you must feel nervousness, some fear, worry or apprehension and so on, the combination of all, is jointly called anxiety.

No doubt, some sort of fear or worry is not that serious or it is quite obvious like if you are worrying about your loved one or you are worried due to some quiz or test or any exam, all is well as there is no such serious matter to consider your situation as anxiety.

The problematic anxiety interferes with patient’s ability to sleep or any other functioning. Mostly it is seen among the teenagers who are quite hypersensitive to have irritability in a number of emotional issues.

Sometimes, in some cases anxiety can occur without any reason or due to a real situation but not out of proportion of expectation. But the serious anxiety can put a severe impact on our daily life.

Most of the anxiety symptoms are related to the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal system and nervous. Sometime the patient can be upset due to stomach, diarrhea, breathing, heart attack or any other.

But in most cases it develops due to our daily life events which have no particular cause of worry. People, having anxiety always tend to disaster and they always do worry about health, money, family, work etc.

Thus, for them daily life becomes regular state of worry and later it starts dominating one’s thinking by interfering with daily functions such as work, school, social activities and other relationships.

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