Let’s Be Familiar With High Jump Techniques!

Are you trying to make your career in sports where you need to learn how to jump high, as there are some sports where high jump is requisite to be selected in, like Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton etc.? So, here we introduce some techniques to our readers who are desperately willing to learn high jump.

There are many exercises available to practice high jump but we have some selected exercises which give result quickly and are easy to learn.

The first exercise Lunges is quite efficacious and easy to adopt, the way it works is you should stand in an upright position, arm at side, straight head and feet together, and step forward with your back straight then return to starting position and repeat with other leg as well.

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Practice the same for 12 to 15 times.  Another work out is called squats, the suggested technique is stand straight as referred earlier but keep your feet apart, bend knees down in a stooping position.  Keep it stooping for some 10 seconds then return back to start.  Repeat the same for 12 times.

Along with upper said exercises, step ups is another result oriented exercise, in the process, you need to use a stool of 12 inches, stand straight on the ground, then take step on stool and then back. Use one leg at a time.  Practice this for 15 times daily.

Once you gain confidence about your fitness level, then you can add bumb-bells and weight to your work out.

By following our training program, you can get what you are actually searching for.

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