Symptoms And Treatment Of Bone Tb

Symptoms And Treatment Of Bone Tb :

85% of patients in TB patients worldwide have TB of the lungs. 15 percent of TB is in other parts of the body, one of them is also bone TB.

Who is in greater danger?

General TB affects the lungs in the beginning. Gradually, it can spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body. This disease can affect a person of every age.

The highest risk of this disease occurs in children aged 5 to 15 years and 35 to 50 years of age.


Fever, fatigue, sweating in the night, weight loss, etc. are the symptoms of Bone TB. There is unbearable pain on one point of the bone.

Slowly the patient’s body posture and walking procedure start to deteriorate. Bending down the shoulders, leaning forward, and swelling in the bones many times.

The type of pain also depends on the exact location of tuberculosis. In the case of spine tuberculosis, there is unbearable pain in the lower part of the back.

Many times patients suffering from Bone TB do not know that they are suffering from TB. Its early signs take years to be clear.

High risk of spinal cord

Identification of spinal cord TB is not at the right time, it can also cause paralysis.

Due to lack of proper treatment, it can spread from one to the other bone in the spinal cord, causing the bones to become weak

And among them, the cushioning discs are damaged. In more severe cases, the spine can be completely damaged and the spinal cord can be compressed.

Can cause paralysis in the lower part of the body. The spinal cord can take out the form of the hump also.

How to Identify Bone TB

To detect bone TB, it is necessary to check the fluid flowing out of the X-ray and the affected joint.

This disease can be detected by blood tests, ESR tests, X-rays.

In the case of the spine and skeletal TB, the treatment process is started on the basis of a CT scan and MRI report.

Bone TB is mistaken for understanding the meaning of rheumatism in the early stages.

In Bone TB, patients suffer pain due to increased activity of bacteria while sleeping.

What to do

Unlike lung TB, it seems a little more time to see the severity of infection in bone and spine TB treatment.

Treatment of normal bone TB takes one year, whereas, in the case of spine TB, there is also paralysis treatment and recovery period.

Complete the course of medicines.

Do not skip medicines.

Bed rest, a good diet, regular exercise, medicines, and physiotherapy are helpful.

Tuberculosis not only damages our lungs but also affects the bone on the bones.

Generally, there is a greater effect on the joints of the spinal cord, arms, cervical, and kihonas.

If properly treated, this disease will be completely cured.

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