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Yoga For Cervical Pain

Yoga For Cervical Pain, Yoga for Neck Pain

Yoga For Cervical Pain : There may be many reasons for having a cervical pain, such as aging, and neck position in the wrong position for a long time. The body is not fully active There may be a cause for injury in the neck, due to this, many times the pain becomes so unbearable that it is difficult to do anything.

Main characteristics

• Pain in the neck
• Feeling weak in hands and feet
• Trouble rotating the neck
• Having trouble walking
• Neck stiffness

Keep these things in mind

• Exercise regularly
• Minimize Mobile Use
• Eat enough calcium and vitamin D
• Use pillows while sleeping
• Do not talk between the ears and the shoulder between the mobile


Lie down on the stomach, keep the feet and the head straight on the legs.  Leg should be straight, keep the claws and ankles together.

Keep the shoulders equal to the shoulders and keep the two ankles closer to the body and parallel.

Take a long breath and lift your head, chest and then stomach..

Keep the navel on the floor.

Now stretch the body behind the waist with the help of both hands.

Maintain equal weight on both hands.

Straighten the two hands while breathing, lifting the neck and looking upwards.

Stretch your body according to its capacity, turn it as much as there is no harm.

Before leaving the breath, bring the stomach, then the chest and then the head on the ground in the earlier currency.

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama


Lie down on the stomach

Raise head and shoulders upwards.

Put the elbows in the ground and chalk them on the palms.

Put the elbows together to make more twist in the spinal cord.

If excess pressure is felt on the neck, separate the elbows slightly.

Keep the whole body loose and close your eyes.


Sit down on the knees.

Put your head on the ground.

Take both hands forward from head to head.

Take both the palms touching the ground to the front.

Now take your hips away from the ankles and leave them breathlessly.

This posture provides relief in back and neck pain.

Treating is necessary

Spinal tuberculosis: If no treatment on time then compression of spinal cord can cause paralysis in body.

Spinal arthritis: There is pressure on the nerves coming out of the spinal column, pain and pain in hands and feet, weakness.

Cervical myelomasia: Pain, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness,

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