Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With a

If you are looking unique Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With a for your baby boy, then you are at the right place.

Here we have made a list of names starting with a. And we hope you will like the name for your newborn child from this list.

How happy every parent gets on the arrival of their newborn. Everyone’s mind gets elated with its imagination.

The whole house has a festive atmosphere. All family members, relatives and acquaintances celebrate happiness, this happiness begins in the midst of this atmosphere. Search for baby names.

A little time and care can be taken to find the right name for a child, but it can also be very fun. In fact, it is one of the first and largest decisions made as a new parent.

Are you looking for a name that speaks of family tradition or respects cultural tradition? Or do you want your son to have a completely unique name?

Take a look at this list to find your favorite names. And enjoy the experience of getting a name for your baby boy.

Name Meaning of Name Gender
Adhish King Boy
Akshay Indestructible, infinite, immortal Boy
Abhay Nirbhay, son of religion Boy
Apurv Extraordinary, unique, unconventional Boy
Apurva Mean, important Boy
Aditya Sun Boy
Ashwin Inspired by Surya and Sanjana’s twin sons, it means – Horse Riding Boy
Arnav Fire, water, air Boy
Anurag Love, passion, enthusiasm Boy
Amudhan sweet Boy
Amuthan sweet Boy
Akshar Lord Shiva Boy
Adhit The beginning Boy
Adheeraj King Boy
Amran Older people Boy
Ambrashan King of love Boy
Anjanya Invincible Boy
Anup The lover Boy
Arivalgan Favorite Boy
Arivmadhi Wise man Boy
Adiban Leader Boy
Adarelu Brave Boy
Adhir God moon Boy
Ansh Parts Boy
Abhijeet Great, sensible, total victory Boy
Abhi Fearless Boy
Abheek Dear Boy
Abhilash I wish Boy
Adhip Ruler, king Boy
Abhinivesh desire Boy
Abhinav Brand new Boy
Abhinandan Congratulations Boy
Abhiram Beautiful, pleasing Boy
Abhaya Without fear Boy
Abhiroop Beautiful, attractive Boy
Adhinav intelligent Boy
Achyuta Solid, immovable Boy
Adhikar Controller Boy
Adhishwar Lord, emperor Boy
Adi Beginning, firstborn Boy
Akshta Unbreakable Boy
Agendra King of the mountains Boy
Aghora Not terrible Boy
Agir Sun, fire Boy
Agni Fires of the universe, elements Boy
Agnistuta Fantastic, instructive Boy
Agrja First, born big Boy
Ajinkya Invincible Boy
Aksha Soul, knowledge Boy
Amra Amar, a god Boy
Ambaka The eye Boy
Ambunath Lord of Water, Sagar Boy
Ameesh honest Boy
Anla The fire Boy
Anil Not blue proper Boy
Anadi Eternal, divine Boy
Amur intelligent Boy
Anivartan Brave Boy
Anjasa Simple, honest Boy
Ankur Newborn Boy
Ansal Strong Boy
Antriksha Space, sky Boy
Anasu A beam Boy
Anukool Favorably Boy
Anuraj Attracted Boy
Anuroop Agree, compatible, appropriate Boy
Arvind Lotus Boy
Arihant Peaceful, without violence Boy
Arhant Peaceful, without violence Boy
Avadhesh King of Ayodhya Boy
Arjun Bright white Boy
Arnava Ocean, wave, wind Boy
Arudra Soft, cool Boy
Atul Unequaled Boy
Avi Friendly, please, protector Boy
Avilash Loyal, steady Boy
Abhaynanda Happy berserk Boy
Abhivira A commander Boy
Abhudaya Sunrise, altitude Boy
Abhiroopa Beautiful, attractive, attractive form Boy
Abhimanyu Son of Arjun and Subhadra Boy
Abhibhav Vigorous, powerful, victorious Boy
Abhishek The ritual Boy
Abhishar partner Boy
Abhiroop Charming, beautiful Boy
Abhirath Charioteer Boy
Abhiraj Fast, fearless Boy
Abhiram Lord Shiva, the one who gives happiness, the most beautiful Boy
Abhineet Worked, Acted, Perfect Boy
Abhinay The expression Boy
Arpan Good devotion Boy
Arpit Dedicated donor Boy
Arijit Sons of Krishna and Subhadra Boy
Arjit Earned, received Boy
Arul Gods blessings, Gods blessings Boy
Arun Sun Boy
Arya Honored, great Boy
Ashok Without suffering Boy
Ashwini One of the constellations Boy
Atal Immovable Boy
Abeer colour Boy
Achal Constant, steady Boy
Agrim Leader, first Boy
Akhil complete Boy
Akshat permanent Boy
Akshit permanent Boy
Ambar sky Boy
Amit Endless, limitless Boy
Amitabh With great splendor Boy
Amol Priceless Boy
Amrit Honeydew Boy
Amulya Priceless Boy
Anant Endless Boy
Angad An ornament Boy
Ankit Of victory Boy
Ankur Spring, bud, ankhua Boy
Ankush Check, a device used to guide elephants Boy
Anmol Priceless Boy
Anoop Matchless best Boy
Anshu Sun Boy
Anshul Radiant Boy
Anshuman Sun Boy
Anupam Matchless Boy
Archit prayer Boy
Aham First ray of light, sunrise Boy
Aman Security, peace Boy
Avtaar Incarnation of god Boy
Anuj Younger brother Boy

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We hope you liked one of the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With a. If you have chosen a name for your child’s name, then what is that name?

Please tell us by commenting, in addition, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.


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