What Causes Tinnitus – Herbs to Cure The Disease

What is tinnitus and what are its causes?

Tinnitus (pronounced as TIN-ih-tus or tih-NYE-tus) is the term used to describe hearing certain phantom sounds. This is ringing or roaring, in your ears, which goes on and on when there are no external sounds.

There are a variety of tinnitus sounds and the patient may hear nay of them. Around 50% of the people hear the sounds in both the ears. 10% of them hear it in their right ear and an equal number experiences it in the left hair. 30% of the people hear it in their head.

It is not very easy to determine the exact causes of tinnitus. It may be a result of various types of ear disorders or other medical problems. The ear disorders, which may become tinnitus causes, are mentioned below:

  1. Ear Infection
  2. Hearing Loss
  3. Blocked Ear Canal
  4. Trauma/ Any Injury
  5. Otosclerosis
  6. Meniere’s Disease
  7. High Blood Pressure
  8. Anemia
  9. Head Injury
  10. Presbycusis etc.

As the causes of the disease are several, there are several cures for ear ringing. You may be glad to know that there are somethings, which you can do yourself to cure tinnitus.

Keep your stress levels down. Try meditation. Take time to relax and also take regular exercises. Avoid hearing loud voices. These are the simple methods you can adopt and for more information on natural cures of tinnitus, click here!

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