A Natural Skin Spa!, Benefits of turmeric for skin

Love it or hate it, but you cannot ignore turmeric as a healing spice. This easily available, humbly-priced spice nips a host of skin issues in their bud.

Benefits of turmeric for skin : Being a natural antiseptic, it inhibits the germ build up in open wounds and aids in regeneration of healthy skin tissue.

When ingested on a regular basis, turmeric makes a person immune to chance-encounters with free radicals. It flushes the harmful substances from the body and acts as a safety guard against factors that lead to leukemia.

Its daily intake strengthens the body from within, thereby reducing the frequency of opportunistic infections including common cold.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we delve further; we come to understand that turmeric is nature’s own health clinic.

A Complete Dry Skin Solution

Turmeric is a complete dry skin solution. Whenever you feel your skin has become dry and scaling, add a pinch of turmeric to milk cream and apply it to notice its instant skin smoothening effect.

Even Outs The Uneven Complexion

The long-duration scrubs of UV rays, the knock-knock of stress, the unforeseen hormonal disturbances, etc, can lead to uneven complexion.

Turmeric gives your complexion the much needed fine-tuning. It reduces fine lines, the density of dark spots and gifts a certain glow to the face.

Heals Minor Burns

Burns often leave behind a trail of marks, but application of turmeric on minor burns not only speeds-up healing but also reduces the likelihood of putting up with unwanted scars.

An Enemy Of Boils

Turmeric has been used since the dawn of civilization to fight off the acne flare-ups. It puts a cap on undue secretion of oil and poses as a shield against acne-causing bacteria.

Touching upon its skin friendly properties, they scamper across far and wide.

Speeds-Up Wound Healing

Whether you get a slight cut while chopping vegetables or scrape off the skin on your thighs after accidently falling down, turmeric comes to the rescue with is antiseptic properties.

Just apply a thin paste of turmeric on the injured skin and be rest assured that the wound will not get infected and would heal within a few days.

Enlivens The Dead-Looking Skin

Use of turmeric as a face-mask instills new life and charm into dead-looking skin. It adds a clear sheen to the dull skin, making you a showstopper every time you step out of your house.

Other Benefits

The skin issues which still remain hard nuts to crack for the modern medical science like chronic eczema and aggressive psoriasis can be defeated with religious use of turmeric.

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