A-Z List of Hindu Baby Boy Names

If you are searching Hindu baby boy names in A to Z alphabet. So here are 1000s of modern baby boy names with meaning for your newborn baby.

Here we have made a list of Hindu baby boy names. And we hope you will like the name of your baby boy from this list.

When the child is born, a wave of happiness runs from parents to family members. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the baby boy’s name search begins.

Every parent wants the baby’s name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

Because of these problems, we have made a list of Hindu baby boy names here. Which will make it easier for you to find the name. And you can choose a baby name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

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Names Starting with A

Name Meaning of Name
Adhish King
Akshay Indestructible, infinite, immortal
Abhay Nirbhay, son of religion
Apurv Extraordinary, unique, unconventional
Apurva Mean, important
Aditya Sun
Ashwin Inspired by Surya and Sanjana’s twin sons, it means – Horse Riding
Arnav Fire, water, air
Anurag Love, passion, enthusiasm
Amudhan sweet
Amuthan sweet
Akshar Lord Shiva
Adhit the beginning
Adheeraj King
Amran Older people
Ambrashan King of love
Anjanya Invincible
Anup the lover
Arivalgan Favorite
Arivmadhi Wise man
Adiban leader
Adarelu Brave
Adhir God moon
Ansh Parts
Abhijeet Great, sensible, total victory
Abhi fearless
Abheek Dear
Abhilash I wish
Adhip Ruler, king
Abhinivesh desire
Abhinav Brand new
Aatish Fireworks
Aadeshwar God
Aatesh Lord Ganesha and King
Aaseet Black Stone
Aadvan Sun
Aadhir A special constellation
Aadhish King
Aadidev God first
Aadijay First, win
Aabhash Feel
Aadiv Fragile
Aadharv Lord Ganesha
Aakhyan The legend
Aariket Ganesha
Aarish Sunray
Aariv King of wisdom
Aarsh Crown
Aaryav great person
Aaryesh King of Arya
Aashrit The ruler
Aashray Shelter
Aashank believe
Aashit Hot, Saturn
Ashish Blessing
Aashish Blessing
Aayush Ayush, blessings
Aaryaveer Brave man
Aayangar Lord Krishna
Aadarsh Principle, belief, excellence
Aadesh Command, message, lawyer
Aadeep Light of Lord Vishnu
Aadit The peak

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Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Name Meaning of Name
Basant Spring, a season
Brijesh Living in Braj Bhoomi
Bunty Tender, a popular surname
Binod Full of humor, fun, happy
Badri Lord Vishnu
Bajrang Lord Hanuman
Bajrangi Lord Hanuman
Banbihari Lord Krishna
Banwari Lord Krishna
Bansi Flute
Barindra Sea
Babloo N/A
Badal Later, Cloud
Baldev Devata in power, Balarama
Balraj Powerful, powerful
Balaram Lord Balaram
Balwan The powerful
Balwant Mighty, lord hanuman, power
Balavindra Strong
Basdev The fire
Balkaram Baby ram
Balakrishna Boy Krishna
Balakrishna Bal Krishna
Balagopal Baby Krishna
Balachandra Young moon
Balasudan Prabhu Indra, Vishnu
Balachandra Young moon
Bal Veer Brave, powerful
Balaji Strong
Baladitya Young
Balamohan Which is attractive
Balashankar Young lord shiva
Bali Name of Sugriva’s elder brother, Banaraj
Brij Mohan Shree Krishna
Balendra Lord Krishna
Basdev The fire
Basav God of calves
Banke Lord Krishna
Bankebihari Lord Krishna
Bipin Forest, free, magnificent
Bimal Pure
Birju The powerful
Birendra King of warriors
Buddhadev Wise man, Gautam Buddha
Buddhadeva Gautam Buddha
Buddhaprakash Light of buddha
Buddhassen Leader of the wise
Binay stubborn
Bindunath Point Lord of Shiva

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Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Name Meaning of Name
Chakra Wheel, a symbol of the sun
Chakradhar Peacock
Chayan Moon
Chatur Clever, efficient, quick
Charitra Character, temperament, behavior
Chahat Love desire
Chahal Happy mood
Chanakya Author of economics, intelligent, bright, great scholar
Chetan Feeling, strength, life
Chetak Careful, thoughtful, name of Maharana Pratap’s horse
Chaitanya Soul, intelligence, knowledge
Chitresh God of Chitra
Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu, Chakra holder
Chaman flower garden
Chanchal Naughty, playful
Chandan Commentary, auspicious, a sacred tree
Chandar Shiny, moon
Chandra Prakash Moonlight
Chandramani Jewel
Chandrabhan Bright like the moon
Chandradev Lord moon, a king
Chandramohan Charming as the moon
Chandranath God of the moon
Chandrapal Moon master
Chandrasekhar Lord Shiva, the one who wears the moon as his crest
Chandravadan Moonlike
Charan Praise, feet
Charanjeet Service of master’s lotus
Charanvir Brave fast

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Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Name Meaning of Name
Divanshu Sun, a ray of light
Divyansh Part of the gods, part of the divine light
Divyanshu Sun, light
Dilip Savior, generous king, big-hearted
Daksh Talented, capable, talented, fire, Lord Brahma
Dev God, cloud, light
Devesh Another name of King Indra, King of Gods
Devendra Indradev, Indra king of gods
Devansh God
Devraj Indradev’s name
Deep Lamp, light, active, serious
Deepak Lamp, bright, light
Dinesh God of the day
Durgesh Goddess Durga, Lord of the Fort
Dushyant Destroyer of evil, a king
Daljeet Victory over a group, victorious army
Darshan to visit
Darsh Worth seeing
Dashrath With 10 chariots, the father of Lord Shri Ram
Devansh King, light, god
Devkaran N/A
Devkinandan Mother Krishna’s son, Lord Krishna’s name
Devanand Glory to the Gods, sons of God
Dipesh God of lights
Divyesh Sun
Divakar Sun
Digamber A name of Lord Shiva, weightless, naked
Deepesh God of lights
Deepchand N/A
Deep Narayan N/A
Durvesh N/A
Divya Bright, bright, glow
Divyank Pant of light
Digvijay Emperor, World winner, conquerors of all directions
Deepen Lamplight
Damodar Lord Krishna, with a rope around the waist
Darpan Mirror
Dayaram Compassionate, kind, compassionate
Dhairya Tolerance, endurance, self-control, stability
Dhruv One star, fixed, infinite
Dharmendra Voluntary, cheerful, generous
Dhirendra Attentive, capable, brave, lucky
Dhananjay One who wins or receives wealth, a name for Pandu’s son Arjuna, a medicinal tree
Dheeraj Treasure of tolerance, patience, calm, firm
Dhanesh God of wealth, lucky, generous
Dhanraj Lord Kubera, cheerful, creative, active
Dharmesh God of religion
Dharmraj King of religion, Yudhishthira, king of religion
Dharam Path of life, religious
Dharm Way of life, religious
Dharmveer Defender of religion
Dharmpal Protector of religion
Dhanpal King, very rich person
Dhawal Shiny, beautiful, pure
Dheer Firm, sober, calm

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Baby Boy Names Starting with E

Name Meaning of Name
Ekaakshara The name of Lord Ganesh
Ekachandra Sole moon
Ekachith With one mind
Ekadant Lord Ganesha
Ekagra Concentrate
Ekaj The only child
Ekaksh Lord Shiva
Ekanath King
Eklavya A student learned archery by watching it
Ekodar brother

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Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Name Meaning of Name
Gagan Heaven, sky
Ganesh Lord Ganesha, son of Shiva Parvati
Gajanan One name of Lord Ganesha
Ganpati Ganesh Ji
Gangadhar Lord Shiva, the one who holds the Ganges
Gajendra King of elephants, Airavat, Indradev
Girish Himalaya Mountains, King of Mountains
Gulshan Flower garden
Gopendra Lord Shri Krishna, lord of cows
Gorakh Cows keeper, a Hatha yogi or saint
Gaurav Dignity, pride, honor, glory
Gangadutt Son of King Shantanu, born from Ganga’s womb
Ganga Sagar A holy pilgrimage site
Gajroop Lord Ganesha, looking like an elephant
Girivar Mountains, Himalayas
Gambhir Depth, calm, cool, restrained, thoughtful
Gautam Lord Buddha, full of life, one of the great sages
Girdhar Lord Krishna, the mountain holder
Govind Cowboy, Lord Krishna
Gokul The herd of cows, the name of a village where Lord Krishna was raised
Gopesh Lord Krishna, King of Gopis
Garv Egoism
Gopal Ahir, Gwala, lord of cows
Gomukh A shrine, the origin of the Ganges, the mouth of the cow
Ganpat Ganesh, a group of devotees
Gauri Shankar Shiva-Parvati, Himalaya
Giriraj Lord Shiva, good luck, because of happiness
Gurunath Teacher
Gurdev God Almighty

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Baby Boy Names Starting with H

Name Meaning of Name
Harman Gallantry
Harish One
Himanshu Cool ray, moon
Hitesh Father etc.
Hiten Heart good
Hemant Winter season
Himmat Brave, courage
Hanuman Bajrangbali
Harjas praise God
Harjeet Victorious
Hansmukh Always happy
Hansraj King of swans
Harsh Pleasure
Harshit Joy, happiness
Hershil Joyful
Harshil Joyful, joyous
Harindra A tree
Hari Om Is the lord of Om, another name for Brahma
Harikant Dear to Indra
Harikesh Lord Krishna
Harigopal Lord Krishna
Haridas Hari’s servant
Hari Narayan Peacock
Harinessa Deer lord
Haripala Lion
Haribhadra Auspicious and admirable as Vishnu
Hariraj King of lions
Harilal Son of Vishnu
Harendra Indra dark yellow, Indra and Shiva combined
Harsh Vardhan Creator of fun
Hasmukh Smiling
Hast Arm, a constellation
Hintanshu Well wisher

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Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Name Meaning of Name
Ivaan Ruler, sun, decent
Itish Like god
Ishuk arrow
Ishmeet Friend of god
Ishik Desirable, light
Ishayu The mighty
Ishaan Ruler, Fire and Sun, Lord Bholenath
Iresh Another name for Ganesh Ji and Vishnu Ji
Iham Wish hope
Indra King of Gods, the god of atmosphere and sky, benevolent, king of heaven, magnificent
Indrajeet Conqueror of indra, indradev
Indraneel Blue like blue
Indresh rain god
Indresh Best warrior, elders of Pandavas
Itish Such a master, such a god
Indraghosh Voice of Indra
Indratap Penance of Indra
Indradutt Gift of Indra
Indrabal With the help of
Indrabhuti Image of Lord Indra
Indravajra Thunderbolt of Indra
Indra Kumar Sons of Indra
Indu Kant Moon lover
Indu Ketu Moon banned
Indu Janak N/A
Indu Bhushan N/A
Indu Shekhar N/A
Indragiri Mountain of Indra
Indeshawar N/A

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Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Name Meaning of Name
Jatin A disciplined name, Lord Shiva
Jitendra Conqueror of Indra
Jagat Growing, people, the world
Jai Winner like flute
Jagdish God of the world
Jagannath Lord of the world, a statue of Vishnu in Puri
Jayesh The winner
Jitesh The winner
Jai Prakash Victorious person, giver, light
Jeevan Life, sun, soul, son
Jeetu Ever victorious
Jaikishan Brainpower, Lord Krishna
Jayant Vikramaditya’s father, finally victorious, moon
Jaipal Lord Vishnu, King
Jagmohan World charmer
Jaideep Light, the victory of light
Jaswant Victorious, praise
Jagpal Savior of the world
Jaspal Lord Krishna, glorious protector
Jagjeewan Worldly life
Jasbir famous fighters
Joginder Lord Mahadev
Jugal The name of Lord Krishna
Jagjit The winner
Jai Veer Brave, victorious
Jayendra Lord of victory
Jaisingh Victorious lion
Jitesh Victorious, lord of victory
Jayaram The victory of lord ram

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Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Names Meaning of Names
Kunal Lord of the Universe, son of Emperor Ashoka
Kamlesh Lotus lord
Kapil A sage, another name of Lord Vishnu, Agni
Kripal Generous, kind, kind
Krish Abbreviations of Krishna God
Kirti Fame, fame, fame
Kamal A flower
Kuldeep Total lamp, lamp
Karan Work, work
Karan Fellow, talented
Keshav The name of Lord Krishna
Krishna Lord Krishna, a river, the charioteer of Arjuna
Kartik A month in the Hindu calendar, Lord Murugan, the adventurer
Kishan Lord Krishna, dark
Kaushal Skill, skill, clever
Ketan House, invitation, flag
Kishor young boy, Krishna
Kushal Proficient in any work, proficient, talented
Kailash Lord Shiva’s Dham, a peak of the Himalayas
kalpesh God of perfection
Kush Name of a son of Lord Rama
Kanhaiya Kishore, Lord Krishna
Kedarnath Lord Shiva, a pilgrimage site
Kanishk An ancient king, small, gold
Kundan Gold, candid, pure, art of setting gems
Karmveer Hardworking, skillful, hardworking, hard-working
Kashyap A famous sage name
Kripa Shankar Good lord shiva good luck
Kabeer Name of a famous poet-saint

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Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Name Meaning of Name
Lokesh King of the world
Lakhan Successful, distinguished, brother of Lord Rama
Love Son of Lord Rama, love
Lakshya An objective
Laxman Brother of lord ram
Lalit Soft, beautiful, attractive, beautiful desirable
Lakshan Auspicious signs, signs, favorable
Laxmipati Narayana, Lord Vishnu
Leeladhar Lord Vishnu
Laxminath Lord Vishnu
Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
Lalchand Red moon
Lovely Cute, bell
lucky Good
Lopesh N/A
Lokendra King of the world
Likhit Drawn, written

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Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Name Meaning of Name
Mohan The name of Lord Krishna, attractive, beautiful
Murari Lord Shri Krishna
Mukund Lord Vishnu, Ratna
Maulik Valuable, precious, original, ultimate
Mohnish Lord Shri Krishna
Manas Extreme thoughts, brilliant, desire, humans
Manav Human, young, pearl
Madhavan Lord Shiva
Magan Delve into
Mahadev Lord Shiva
Manohar Winning heart, charming, a name of Lord Shri Krishna
Mokshit Free, salvation
Mickey Who is like god
Milan Met, eager
Milind honey bee
Mirage The soil of the country
Mitesh With wishes
Manish Master of heart, heart, pride
Mahesh Name of lord shiva
Madan Pleasing, intoxicating, loving, cupid
Mithilesh King of Mithila, father of Goddess Sita
Manoj Born in mind love
Mukesh Shiva, Cupid, Lord Shiva
Mayank Moon
Mohit Enchanted, attracted, beautifully
Mahima Great, famous
Mandeep Light of mind
Manjeet The Winner
Monu N/A

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Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Name Meaning of Name
Naveen New novel
Nalin Lotus, water
Nakul Name of Lord Shiva, name of one of the 5 Pandavas
Narendra Lord of men
Nayan Eyes, community, gentleman
Nakshatra Pearl, star
Namah Respect, pray
Naman Form, mark, greetings
Naresh King
Narsimha Lion in men, extremely powerful
Narottam The best among men, another name of Vishnu, Buddha
Navtej New energy, new light
Navratan 9 gems
Nikunj An arbor
Niketan House, Haveli
Nikhila All, all
Nidesh Kubera
Nibodh Knowledge
Nigam Fund
Nitin Knowledge of law, policymaker
Nirmam Uninterested
Neel The champion
Nimesh Eyelid
Nagesh Lord of snakes
Navendu One night after Amavasya
Niyat The behavior
Nilan Moon, beautiful
Niranjan Pure pleasing
Nisheet Midnight

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Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Name Meaning of Name
Om Creation of life, essence
Omkar Sound of holy words
Omkareshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of Om
Ompati Lord of om
Om Prakash Om’s light, Lord Shiva’s name
Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity
Ocean Sea
Omkarnath God of Omkar, Lord Shiva
Omeshwar God of Onkar
Omdutt God-given
Omansh The holy symbol of om
Omesh Lord of om
Omkara Sound of a holy syllable, that which is the form of Om
Omkrish Lord Krishna

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Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Name Meaning of Name
Puran whole
Purab East, one direction
Pankaj Kamal, another name for Brahma
Padam Lotus
Param The ultimate
Paramhansa Sadhguru
Parmarth The highest truth, salvation
Parmeet intelligence
Parmesh Peacock
Parmeshwar Supreme god
Prayog Experiment
Parvesh God of ceremonies
Parsada Companion
Parasara Crusher, Destroyer
Parakarm Power
Parijat A heavenly flower
Parimal Fragrant
Parinaam Quality, reward, lots of
Parvartan Sense of change
Parivart Revolving spot
Parishrut Popular or renown
Parikshit Son of Abhimanyu
Pahlaj First birth
Panav Prince
Pariket Against the will
Parijat Birth, coral jasmine
Paritosh Satisfaction
Parth Prince, son of earth
Parthiv Royal, king, warrior

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Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Name Meaning of Name
Raj Clean, king, kingdom
Rajesh Lord of kings, the emperor
Raghu Sharp, a family of Lord Ramachandra
Raghuveer A name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul
Raghuraj A name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul
Raghupati Shri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul
Raghunath Shri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul
Ram Mr. Ramchandra
Rameshwar Lord Shiva, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas on the seashore in South India
Rachit Design, innovation, creation, form
Radhe Karna, son of Radha
Radheshyam Shree Krishna and Radha
Rakesh Lord of the night, moon
Rajdeep Best king
Ramesh Lord Vishnu, the preserver protecting against any danger
Ritesh Lord of truth, tradition
Ranjan Pleasant, pleasing, coloring, happy mind
Ravi Sun, fire, expert, Ashoka tree, son of Dhritarashtra
Ravindra Lord of the sun, the sun god
Rohan Another name of Lord Vishnu, heaven, rising
Rohit Red, blood, sun, ornament
Rehan  Aromatic plant, king, sweet basil
Ranveer Conqueror
Rajeev Blue lotus
Rahul Attachment, son of Buddha, capable, skilled
Raghav Lord Rama, descendant of Raghu
Raghavanand N/A
Ramanuja Ram’s younger brother
Ram Dutt Lord Rama’s blessings, the charming, supreme soul

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Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Name Meaning of Name
Sanchit Collected, accumulated
Sanjay Victorious, Lord Shiva, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra
Sankalp Determination, intention, decision
Sameer Wind, Morning Smell, Shami Tree
Sarthak Whatever it means, meaningful, successful, useful
Swapnil Dreamy
Swayam Myself, overall
Skand Flowing, the name of Karthikeya, Lord Murugan, God of War
Shourya Bravery
Saurabh Fragrance, saffron
Sohan Beautiful nice
Somesh Moon, Lord of Soma, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas
Shobhit Embellished, decorated, magnificent
Satya Faithfully, honestly, virtue
Shubham Auspicious
Shobham N/A
Susheel Good character
Suyog happy times
Suyash Fabulous
Sumant Easily known, a friendly spirit
Suketu Another name of Lord Vishnu, flag, magnificent, a Yaksha king
Sukhdev  God of happiness
Suteerth Good teacher, pilgrimage, lord shiva
Shivam Auspicious, lucky, lord shiva
Shankar Lord Shiva
Saransh Short, precise
Sagar sea ​, ocean
Sujal Pure water, affectionate
Sambit Consciousness
Sahyog Working together, sharing in work
Sudesh Country
Sakaar N/A
Sarvesh Lord Shiva, Lord of all
Suraj Sun
Sanskar Purity, morality
Samaksh Near, close
Samesh N/A
Sampurn Complete, all
Samarth The powerful
Sudhansu Moon
Sugam Easy to reach
Soumya Goddess Durga, clear
Satyam Valor, may, valor
Satyarth Meaning of truth
Satbeer True warrior
Satpal Truth follower
Shiv Mahadev, Shankar, Kalyan, Mangal
Sanjeev loving life
Sachetan Logic, rational

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Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Name Meaning of Name
Tanishq Precious, jewel, dear
Tanmay An inspiration, absorbed, engrossed
Tanuj Son, body born
Tarun Tender, young, Ravi, tender
Tarang Ripple
Tejeshwar Sun
Tarpan Satisfy, To give arghya, delightful
Tilak Commentary, auspicious, a flowering tree
Trilok Heaven, earth, and hell
Tulsi A sacred plant, a sacred leaf considered sacred, unmatched, an incarnation of Mahalakshmi
Tushar Winter, water drops, God, heroes
Tejendra Sun god
Tanay Son
Taksha Strong, king
Tavish Heaven
Tejas Brilliance, shine, the sharp edge of a knife, self brilliance, fire
Tapan Heat, heat, god sun
Takshil strong character
Tanish Lord Shiva, beautiful, jewel, ambition
Tapas Austerity, enthusiasm, heat, another name of fire
Tanveer Rays of light
Tarang Ripple
Tilak Commentary, auspicious, a flowering tree
Taran heaven
Tript Satisfaction, satisfied
Tansu Decorative
Tanush Lord Ganesha
Tapas Penance, fire, meditation
Tarutra Victorious, better

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Baby Boy Names Starting with U

Name Meaning of Name
Ujjagar Bright, reveal, illuminate
Ujendra The winner
Uchit Suitable
Ugresh Lord Shiva
Ujjwal Light, clean, clean, white, radiant
Ujjan An ancient Indian city
Uttam Best, best, best in qualities
Uttamesh Lord Shiva
Utsarg Charity
Utsah Courage, powerful, energetic
Uttrak Lord Shiva
Uttsarg Dedicated
Uday Ascending, prosperity, rising of the sun
Ucchta Powerful growing, raised
Utsuk Worried
Udit Growth
Udeep Flooding
Udesh Flooding
Udhyan Garden
Uddhav Elevating, festival, happiness, a friend of Lord Krishna
Unmaad Cheerful, happy
Upkaar Favor, Kindness, Jewelry
Updesh Knowledge, speech
Upnidhi A deposit, a ray of light
Upam First of all
Udhyam The action
Uddhyan Garden
Upvan Small garden
Upendra Another name for Vishnu

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Baby Boy Names Starting with V

Name Meaning of Name
Vikas Progress
Vishal Big, gorgeous, fantastic, amazing
Vikram Gallant
Vimal Clean, clean
Vinay Minor, following rules
Vikrant Brave warrior, victorious, majestic
Vicky The winner
Vivek The power of thinking or understanding, pride, discrimination
Vijay Win
Virendra Heroic, superior, leader of heroes
Vipin Forest
Vinod Full of humor
Vaibhav Prosperity, luck, intelligence
Vineet Trained with humility
Vikesh Moon, moon
Vinayak Ganesha, the hero of Ganas, the foremost deity
Virat Extremely large
Viraj Glorious, ruler, largest in Brahmin, king, transplant
Varun A god who is considered the lord of water, the lord of the west
Vedanta Proficient in Hindu philosophy, Vedas, scriptures
Vishnu Protector of the world
Vipul Large, wide, many
Vasudev Son of Vasudev
Veer Warrior, brave, adventurer
Vimlesh God of Purity, Pure, Vimal
Vishesh Extraordinary, limited, specific
Ved Four philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism, sacred knowledge
Vivansh N/A
Vijender Victorious, lord of bravery
Ved Prakash Light of Vedas, the light of Vedic knowledge
Vishwanath Lord of the universe, Lord of the world
Vilash N/A
Vibhu Omnipresent, another name for Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Buddha
Vishwajeet World conqueror
Vijayendra Victorious, lord of bravery
Veerpal Brave, guard, brave
Vihaan Morning, morning
Vardish N/A
Vasan N/A
Vyas Monk, a great sage, seclusion
Vyom Sky, universe
Viyaan specialized knowledge
Vividh Many, unique, knowledgeable, various
Vivan Sunray, Krishna god
Vivekananda Rejoice in knowledge
Vitesh God of wealth
Vitark opinion
Vishwas Faith, faith
Vishwa Universe, earth

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Baby Boy Names Starting with W

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with X

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

Name updated Soon

Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Name Not Available

We hope you liked one of the Hindu Baby Boy Names. If you have chosen a name for your child’s name, then what is that name?

Please tell us by commenting, also, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.

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