A-Z List of Hindu Baby Boy Names

If you are searching Hindu baby boy names in A to Z alphabet. So here are 1000s of modern baby boy names with meaning for your newborn baby.

Here we have made a list of Hindu baby boy names. And we hope you will like the name of your baby boy from this list.

When the child is born, a wave of happiness runs from parents to family members. And everyone starts calling the newborn by their respective names.

But it is a way to show everyone’s love. The real test begins when the baby boy’s name search begins.

Every parent wants the baby’s name to be very cute and different. Which is also easy to call and has a very good meaning.

Because of these problems, we have made a list of Hindu baby boy names here. Which will make it easier for you to find the name. And you can choose a baby name with its meaning.

If you like any of the names in this list. So please be sure to tell us what name it is by writing it in a comment. And share this list with your friends.

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Names Starting with A

NameMeaning of Name
AkshayIndestructible, infinite, immortal
AbhayNirbhay, son of religion
ApurvExtraordinary, unique, unconventional
ApurvaMean, important
AshwinInspired by Surya and Sanjana’s twin sons, it means – Horse Riding
ArnavFire, water, air
AnuragLove, passion, enthusiasm
AksharLord Shiva
Adhitthe beginning
AmranOlder people
AmbrashanKing of love
Anupthe lover
ArivmadhiWise man
AdhirGod moon
AbhijeetGreat, sensible, total victory
AbhilashI wish
AdhipRuler, king
AbhinavBrand new
AateshLord Ganesha and King
AaseetBlack Stone
AadhirA special constellation
AadidevGod first
AadijayFirst, win
AadharvLord Ganesha
AakhyanThe legend
AarivKing of wisdom
Aaryavgreat person
AaryeshKing of Arya
AashritThe ruler
AashitHot, Saturn
AayushAyush, blessings
AaryaveerBrave man
AayangarLord Krishna
AadarshPrinciple, belief, excellence
AadeshCommand, message, lawyer
AadeepLight of Lord Vishnu
AaditThe peak

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Baby Boy Names Starting with B

NameMeaning of Name
BasantSpring, a season
BrijeshLiving in Braj Bhoomi
BuntyTender, a popular surname
BinodFull of humor, fun, happy
BadriLord Vishnu
BajrangLord Hanuman
BajrangiLord Hanuman
BanbihariLord Krishna
BanwariLord Krishna
BadalLater, Cloud
BaldevDevata in power, Balarama
BalrajPowerful, powerful
BalaramLord Balaram
BalwanThe powerful
BalwantMighty, lord hanuman, power
BasdevThe fire
BalkaramBaby ram
BalakrishnaBoy Krishna
BalakrishnaBal Krishna
BalagopalBaby Krishna
BalachandraYoung moon
BalasudanPrabhu Indra, Vishnu
BalachandraYoung moon
Bal VeerBrave, powerful
BalamohanWhich is attractive
BalashankarYoung lord shiva
BaliName of Sugriva’s elder brother, Banaraj
Brij MohanShree Krishna
BalendraLord Krishna
BasdevThe fire
BasavGod of calves
BankeLord Krishna
BankebihariLord Krishna
BipinForest, free, magnificent
BirjuThe powerful
BirendraKing of warriors
BuddhadevWise man, Gautam Buddha
BuddhadevaGautam Buddha
BuddhaprakashLight of buddha
BuddhassenLeader of the wise
BindunathPoint Lord of Shiva

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Baby Boy Names Starting with C

NameMeaning of Name
ChakraWheel, a symbol of the sun
ChaturClever, efficient, quick
CharitraCharacter, temperament, behavior
ChahatLove desire
ChahalHappy mood
ChanakyaAuthor of economics, intelligent, bright, great scholar
ChetanFeeling, strength, life
ChetakCareful, thoughtful, name of Maharana Pratap’s horse
ChaitanyaSoul, intelligence, knowledge
ChitreshGod of Chitra
ChakrapaniName of Lord Vishnu, Chakra holder
Chamanflower garden
ChanchalNaughty, playful
ChandanCommentary, auspicious, a sacred tree
ChandarShiny, moon
Chandra PrakashMoonlight
ChandrabhanBright like the moon
ChandradevLord moon, a king
ChandramohanCharming as the moon
ChandranathGod of the moon
ChandrapalMoon master
ChandrasekharLord Shiva, the one who wears the moon as his crest
CharanPraise, feet
CharanjeetService of master’s lotus
CharanvirBrave fast

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Baby Boy Names Starting with D

NameMeaning of Name
DivanshuSun, a ray of light
DivyanshPart of the gods, part of the divine light
DivyanshuSun, light
DilipSavior, generous king, big-hearted
DakshTalented, capable, talented, fire, Lord Brahma
DevGod, cloud, light
DeveshAnother name of King Indra, King of Gods
DevendraIndradev, Indra king of gods
DevrajIndradev’s name
DeepLamp, light, active, serious
DeepakLamp, bright, light
DineshGod of the day
DurgeshGoddess Durga, Lord of the Fort
DushyantDestroyer of evil, a king
DaljeetVictory over a group, victorious army
Darshanto visit
DarshWorth seeing
DashrathWith 10 chariots, the father of Lord Shri Ram
DevanshKing, light, god
DevkinandanMother Krishna’s son, Lord Krishna’s name
DevanandGlory to the Gods, sons of God
DipeshGod of lights
DigamberA name of Lord Shiva, weightless, naked
DeepeshGod of lights
Deep NarayanN/A
DivyaBright, bright, glow
DivyankPant of light
DigvijayEmperor, World winner, conquerors of all directions
DamodarLord Krishna, with a rope around the waist
DayaramCompassionate, kind, compassionate
DhairyaTolerance, endurance, self-control, stability
DhruvOne star, fixed, infinite
DharmendraVoluntary, cheerful, generous
DhirendraAttentive, capable, brave, lucky
DhananjayOne who wins or receives wealth, a name for Pandu’s son Arjuna, a medicinal tree
DheerajTreasure of tolerance, patience, calm, firm
DhaneshGod of wealth, lucky, generous
DhanrajLord Kubera, cheerful, creative, active
DharmeshGod of religion
DharmrajKing of religion, Yudhishthira, king of religion
DharamPath of life, religious
DharmWay of life, religious
DharmveerDefender of religion
DharmpalProtector of religion
DhanpalKing, very rich person
DhawalShiny, beautiful, pure
DheerFirm, sober, calm

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Baby Boy Names Starting with E

NameMeaning of Name
EkaaksharaThe name of Lord Ganesh
EkachandraSole moon
EkachithWith one mind
EkadantLord Ganesha
EkajThe only child
EkakshLord Shiva
EklavyaA student learned archery by watching it

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Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with G

NameMeaning of Name
GaganHeaven, sky
GaneshLord Ganesha, son of Shiva Parvati
GajananOne name of Lord Ganesha
GanpatiGanesh Ji
GangadharLord Shiva, the one who holds the Ganges
GajendraKing of elephants, Airavat, Indradev
GirishHimalaya Mountains, King of Mountains
GulshanFlower garden
GopendraLord Shri Krishna, lord of cows
GorakhCows keeper, a Hatha yogi or saint
GauravDignity, pride, honor, glory
GangaduttSon of King Shantanu, born from Ganga’s womb
Ganga SagarA holy pilgrimage site
GajroopLord Ganesha, looking like an elephant
GirivarMountains, Himalayas
GambhirDepth, calm, cool, restrained, thoughtful
GautamLord Buddha, full of life, one of the great sages
GirdharLord Krishna, the mountain holder
GovindCowboy, Lord Krishna
GokulThe herd of cows, the name of a village where Lord Krishna was raised
GopeshLord Krishna, King of Gopis
GopalAhir, Gwala, lord of cows
GomukhA shrine, the origin of the Ganges, the mouth of the cow
GanpatGanesh, a group of devotees
Gauri ShankarShiva-Parvati, Himalaya
GirirajLord Shiva, good luck, because of happiness
GurdevGod Almighty

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Baby Boy Names Starting with H

NameMeaning of Name
HimanshuCool ray, moon
HiteshFather etc.
HitenHeart good
HemantWinter season
HimmatBrave, courage
Harjaspraise God
HansmukhAlways happy
HansrajKing of swans
HarshitJoy, happiness
HarshilJoyful, joyous
HarindraA tree
Hari OmIs the lord of Om, another name for Brahma
HarikantDear to Indra
HarikeshLord Krishna
HarigopalLord Krishna
HaridasHari’s servant
Hari NarayanPeacock
HarinessaDeer lord
HaribhadraAuspicious and admirable as Vishnu
HarirajKing of lions
HarilalSon of Vishnu
HarendraIndra dark yellow, Indra and Shiva combined
Harsh VardhanCreator of fun
HastArm, a constellation
HintanshuWell wisher

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Baby Boy Names Starting with I

NameMeaning of Name
IvaanRuler, sun, decent
ItishLike god
IshmeetFriend of god
IshikDesirable, light
IshayuThe mighty
IshaanRuler, Fire and Sun, Lord Bholenath
IreshAnother name for Ganesh Ji and Vishnu Ji
IhamWish hope
IndraKing of Gods, the god of atmosphere and sky, benevolent, king of heaven, magnificent
IndrajeetConqueror of indra, indradev
IndraneelBlue like blue
Indreshrain god
IndreshBest warrior, elders of Pandavas
ItishSuch a master, such a god
IndraghoshVoice of Indra
IndratapPenance of Indra
IndraduttGift of Indra
IndrabalWith the help of
IndrabhutiImage of Lord Indra
IndravajraThunderbolt of Indra
Indra KumarSons of Indra
Indu KantMoon lover
Indu KetuMoon banned
Indu JanakN/A
Indu BhushanN/A
Indu ShekharN/A
IndragiriMountain of Indra

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Baby Boy Names Starting with J

NameMeaning of Name
JatinA disciplined name, Lord Shiva
JitendraConqueror of Indra
JagatGrowing, people, the world
JaiWinner like flute
JagdishGod of the world
JagannathLord of the world, a statue of Vishnu in Puri
JayeshThe winner
JiteshThe winner
Jai PrakashVictorious person, giver, light
JeevanLife, sun, soul, son
JeetuEver victorious
JaikishanBrainpower, Lord Krishna
JayantVikramaditya’s father, finally victorious, moon
JaipalLord Vishnu, King
JagmohanWorld charmer
JaideepLight, the victory of light
JaswantVictorious, praise
JagpalSavior of the world
JaspalLord Krishna, glorious protector
JagjeewanWorldly life
Jasbirfamous fighters
JoginderLord Mahadev
JugalThe name of Lord Krishna
JagjitThe winner
Jai VeerBrave, victorious
JayendraLord of victory
JaisinghVictorious lion
JiteshVictorious, lord of victory
JayaramThe victory of lord ram

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Baby Boy Names Starting with K

NamesMeaning of Names
KunalLord of the Universe, son of Emperor Ashoka
KamleshLotus lord
KapilA sage, another name of Lord Vishnu, Agni
KripalGenerous, kind, kind
KrishAbbreviations of Krishna God
KirtiFame, fame, fame
KamalA flower
KuldeepTotal lamp, lamp
KaranWork, work
KaranFellow, talented
KeshavThe name of Lord Krishna
KrishnaLord Krishna, a river, the charioteer of Arjuna
KartikA month in the Hindu calendar, Lord Murugan, the adventurer
KishanLord Krishna, dark
KaushalSkill, skill, clever
KetanHouse, invitation, flag
Kishoryoung boy, Krishna
KushalProficient in any work, proficient, talented
KailashLord Shiva’s Dham, a peak of the Himalayas
kalpeshGod of perfection
KushName of a son of Lord Rama
KanhaiyaKishore, Lord Krishna
KedarnathLord Shiva, a pilgrimage site
KanishkAn ancient king, small, gold
KundanGold, candid, pure, art of setting gems
KarmveerHardworking, skillful, hardworking, hard-working
KashyapA famous sage name
Kripa ShankarGood lord shiva good luck
KabeerName of a famous poet-saint

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Baby Boy Names Starting with L

NameMeaning of Name
LokeshKing of the world
LakhanSuccessful, distinguished, brother of Lord Rama
LoveSon of Lord Rama, love
LakshyaAn objective
LaxmanBrother of lord ram
LalitSoft, beautiful, attractive, beautiful desirable
LakshanAuspicious signs, signs, favorable
LaxmipatiNarayana, Lord Vishnu
LeeladharLord Vishnu
LaxminathLord Vishnu
LaliteshGod of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
LalchandRed moon
LovelyCute, bell
LokendraKing of the world
LikhitDrawn, written

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Baby Boy Names Starting with M

NameMeaning of Name
MohanThe name of Lord Krishna, attractive, beautiful
MurariLord Shri Krishna
MukundLord Vishnu, Ratna
MaulikValuable, precious, original, ultimate
MohnishLord Shri Krishna
ManasExtreme thoughts, brilliant, desire, humans
ManavHuman, young, pearl
MadhavanLord Shiva
MaganDelve into
MahadevLord Shiva
ManoharWinning heart, charming, a name of Lord Shri Krishna
MokshitFree, salvation
MickeyWho is like god
MilanMet, eager
Milindhoney bee
MirageThe soil of the country
MiteshWith wishes
ManishMaster of heart, heart, pride
MaheshName of lord shiva
MadanPleasing, intoxicating, loving, cupid
MithileshKing of Mithila, father of Goddess Sita
ManojBorn in mind love
MukeshShiva, Cupid, Lord Shiva
MohitEnchanted, attracted, beautifully
MahimaGreat, famous
MandeepLight of mind
ManjeetThe Winner

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Baby Boy Names Starting with N

NameMeaning of Name
NaveenNew novel
NalinLotus, water
NakulName of Lord Shiva, name of one of the 5 Pandavas
NarendraLord of men
NayanEyes, community, gentleman
NakshatraPearl, star
NamahRespect, pray
NamanForm, mark, greetings
NarsimhaLion in men, extremely powerful
NarottamThe best among men, another name of Vishnu, Buddha
NavtejNew energy, new light
Navratan9 gems
NikunjAn arbor
NiketanHouse, Haveli
NikhilaAll, all
NitinKnowledge of law, policymaker
NeelThe champion
NageshLord of snakes
NavenduOne night after Amavasya
NiyatThe behavior
NilanMoon, beautiful
NiranjanPure pleasing

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Baby Boy Names Starting with O

NameMeaning of Name
OmCreation of life, essence
OmkarSound of holy words
OmkareshwarLord Shiva, Lord of Om
OmpatiLord of om
Om PrakashOm’s light, Lord Shiva’s name
OmswaroopManifestation of divinity
OmkarnathGod of Omkar, Lord Shiva
OmeshwarGod of Onkar
OmanshThe holy symbol of om
OmeshLord of om
OmkaraSound of a holy syllable, that which is the form of Om
OmkrishLord Krishna

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Baby Boy Names Starting with P

NameMeaning of Name
PurabEast, one direction
PankajKamal, another name for Brahma
ParamThe ultimate
ParmarthThe highest truth, salvation
ParmeshwarSupreme god
ParveshGod of ceremonies
ParasaraCrusher, Destroyer
ParijatA heavenly flower
ParinaamQuality, reward, lots of
ParvartanSense of change
ParivartRevolving spot
ParishrutPopular or renown
ParikshitSon of Abhimanyu
PahlajFirst birth
PariketAgainst the will
ParijatBirth, coral jasmine
ParthPrince, son of earth
ParthivRoyal, king, warrior

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Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with R

NameMeaning of Name
RajClean, king, kingdom
RajeshLord of kings, the emperor
RaghuSharp, a family of Lord Ramachandra
RaghuveerA name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul
RaghurajA name of Lord Ramachandra, the heroic descendant of Raghukul
RaghupatiShri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul
RaghunathShri Ramchandra ji, lord of Raghukul
RamMr. Ramchandra
RameshwarLord Shiva, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas on the seashore in South India
RachitDesign, innovation, creation, form
RadheKarna, son of Radha
RadheshyamShree Krishna and Radha
RakeshLord of the night, moon
RajdeepBest king
RameshLord Vishnu, the preserver protecting against any danger
RiteshLord of truth, tradition
RanjanPleasant, pleasing, coloring, happy mind
RaviSun, fire, expert, Ashoka tree, son of Dhritarashtra
RavindraLord of the sun, the sun god
RohanAnother name of Lord Vishnu, heaven, rising
RohitRed, blood, sun, ornament
Rehan Aromatic plant, king, sweet basil
RajeevBlue lotus
RahulAttachment, son of Buddha, capable, skilled
RaghavLord Rama, descendant of Raghu
RamanujaRam’s younger brother
Ram DuttLord Rama’s blessings, the charming, supreme soul

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Baby Boy Names Starting with S

NameMeaning of Name
SanchitCollected, accumulated
SanjayVictorious, Lord Shiva, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra
SankalpDetermination, intention, decision
SameerWind, Morning Smell, Shami Tree
SarthakWhatever it means, meaningful, successful, useful
SwayamMyself, overall
SkandFlowing, the name of Karthikeya, Lord Murugan, God of War
SaurabhFragrance, saffron
SohanBeautiful nice
SomeshMoon, Lord of Soma, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas
ShobhitEmbellished, decorated, magnificent
SatyaFaithfully, honestly, virtue
SusheelGood character
Suyoghappy times
SumantEasily known, a friendly spirit
SuketuAnother name of Lord Vishnu, flag, magnificent, a Yaksha king
Sukhdev God of happiness
SuteerthGood teacher, pilgrimage, lord shiva
ShivamAuspicious, lucky, lord shiva
ShankarLord Shiva
SaranshShort, precise
Sagarsea ​, ocean
SujalPure water, affectionate
SahyogWorking together, sharing in work
SarveshLord Shiva, Lord of all
SanskarPurity, morality
SamakshNear, close
SampurnComplete, all
SamarthThe powerful
SugamEasy to reach
SoumyaGoddess Durga, clear
SatyamValor, may, valor
SatyarthMeaning of truth
SatbeerTrue warrior
SatpalTruth follower
ShivMahadev, Shankar, Kalyan, Mangal
Sanjeevloving life
SachetanLogic, rational

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Baby Boy Names Starting with T

NameMeaning of Name
TanishqPrecious, jewel, dear
TanmayAn inspiration, absorbed, engrossed
TanujSon, body born
TarunTender, young, Ravi, tender
TarpanSatisfy, To give arghya, delightful
TilakCommentary, auspicious, a flowering tree
TrilokHeaven, earth, and hell
TulsiA sacred plant, a sacred leaf considered sacred, unmatched, an incarnation of Mahalakshmi
TusharWinter, water drops, God, heroes
TejendraSun god
TakshaStrong, king
TejasBrilliance, shine, the sharp edge of a knife, self brilliance, fire
TapanHeat, heat, god sun
Takshilstrong character
TanishLord Shiva, beautiful, jewel, ambition
TapasAusterity, enthusiasm, heat, another name of fire
TanveerRays of light
TilakCommentary, auspicious, a flowering tree
TriptSatisfaction, satisfied
TanushLord Ganesha
TapasPenance, fire, meditation
TarutraVictorious, better

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Baby Boy Names Starting with U

NameMeaning of Name
UjjagarBright, reveal, illuminate
UjendraThe winner
UgreshLord Shiva
UjjwalLight, clean, clean, white, radiant
UjjanAn ancient Indian city
UttamBest, best, best in qualities
UttameshLord Shiva
UtsahCourage, powerful, energetic
UttrakLord Shiva
UdayAscending, prosperity, rising of the sun
UcchtaPowerful growing, raised
UddhavElevating, festival, happiness, a friend of Lord Krishna
UnmaadCheerful, happy
UpkaarFavor, Kindness, Jewelry
UpdeshKnowledge, speech
UpnidhiA deposit, a ray of light
UpamFirst of all
UdhyamThe action
UpvanSmall garden
UpendraAnother name for Vishnu

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Baby Boy Names Starting with V

NameMeaning of Name
VishalBig, gorgeous, fantastic, amazing
VimalClean, clean
VinayMinor, following rules
VikrantBrave warrior, victorious, majestic
VickyThe winner
VivekThe power of thinking or understanding, pride, discrimination
VirendraHeroic, superior, leader of heroes
VinodFull of humor
VaibhavProsperity, luck, intelligence
VineetTrained with humility
VikeshMoon, moon
VinayakGanesha, the hero of Ganas, the foremost deity
ViratExtremely large
VirajGlorious, ruler, largest in Brahmin, king, transplant
VarunA god who is considered the lord of water, the lord of the west
VedantaProficient in Hindu philosophy, Vedas, scriptures
VishnuProtector of the world
VipulLarge, wide, many
VasudevSon of Vasudev
VeerWarrior, brave, adventurer
VimleshGod of Purity, Pure, Vimal
VisheshExtraordinary, limited, specific
VedFour philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism, sacred knowledge
VijenderVictorious, lord of bravery
Ved PrakashLight of Vedas, the light of Vedic knowledge
VishwanathLord of the universe, Lord of the world
VibhuOmnipresent, another name for Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Buddha
VishwajeetWorld conqueror
VijayendraVictorious, lord of bravery
VeerpalBrave, guard, brave
VihaanMorning, morning
VyasMonk, a great sage, seclusion
VyomSky, universe
Viyaanspecialized knowledge
VividhMany, unique, knowledgeable, various
VivanSunray, Krishna god
VivekanandaRejoice in knowledge
ViteshGod of wealth
VishwasFaith, faith
VishwaUniverse, earth

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Baby Boy Names Starting with W

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with X

Name Not Available

Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

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Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Name Not Available

We hope you liked one of the Hindu Baby Boy Names. If you have chosen a name for your child’s name, then what is that name?

Please tell us by commenting, also, if you want to suggest any name, then do write to us.

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